Yin Yoga Chakras – vishuddha

Yin Yoga Chakras – vishuddha

Yin Yoga Chakras – vishuddha Details

a series of yin yoga workshops relating to the chakras – can be done individually or as a group.

The focus this month is the 5th chakra: vishuddha – the throat chakra

In this 2 hour yin yoga workshop we will explore poses and mantras that are related to the throat chakra. Finding and using your voice can be very hard in modern life and we often don’t speak our minds or our truth for fear of rejection or backlash. The throat chakra, when in harmony, is the seat of clarity and truth.

The throat chakra is the intermediary between the elements of air and space – expect more meditative poses, humming breath, yin poses that are complimentary to the lower chakras as well as the upper chakras to keep us grounded as we start exploring the upper realms, and, a short introduction to mantra meditation.

Eat a light lunch before you come and practice: don’t come on an empty stomach or on a bursting one please!

We’ll head up to Love Shack for vegan dinner and tea and cake and chats afterwards – there’s also an acro yoga class at Love Shack on Sunday afternoons so feel free to join in with the fun there too!

Spaces limited to 3 people


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Start: 05/19/2019 14:00

End: 05/19/2019 16:00

Timezone: UTC

Age: Everyone
Fitness level: All levels
Disabled facilities: No
Food available: No
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