Yin Yoga Chakras – sahasrara

Yin Yoga Chakras – sahasrara

Yin Yoga Chakras – sahasrara Details

a series of yin yoga workshops relating to the chakras – can be done individually or as a group.

The Final Chakra – sahasrara

In this 2 hour yin yoga workshop we will explore the seventh chakra: sahasrara is the crown chakra and translates as the ‘1000 petaled lotus flower). All of the energy channels in the body culimate in the crown chakra, it is the seat of our connection to the rest of the universe.

When sahasrara is in harmony we have compassion for all living and non-living things. The element associated with sahasrara is space; we will do a short yin sequence to ground through the lower 6 chakras and spend the remainder of the workshop meditating and learning new mantras.

Eat a light lunch before you come and practice: don’t come on an empty stomach or on a bursting one please!

We’ll head up to Love Shack for vegan dinner and tea and cake and chats afterwards – there’s also an acro yoga class at Love Shack on Sunday afternoons so feel free to join in with the fun there too!


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Yoga Yoga published - 4 months ago.

Start: 06/23/2019 14:00

End: 06/23/2019 16:00

Timezone: UTC

Age: Everyone
Fitness level: All levels
Disabled facilities: No
Food available: No
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