Yin Yoga as Applied to Meditation

Yin Yoga as Applied to Meditation

Yin Yoga as Applied to Meditation Details

Yoga is about connecting the mind body and spirit, and helping the energy chanels in the body to flow freely and without bloackages or hinderance.

I like to imagine the energy chanels like waterways; in yin yoga we dredge the waterways and pull up all the sediment and crap that’s been lying at the bottom, in dynamic yoga (like vinyasa, ashtanga, jivamukti etc) we flush the waterways with fast flowing energy, a bit like a river during a storm.

If all we do is yin then we are constantly churning up old memories, feelings and pains but not allowing them any space to wash away and leave the bodymind.

If all we do is dynamic yoga then we are only superficially flushing the surface and causing hard to reach old emotions (sediment) to drop down deeper into the energy chanels.

In this 2 hour yin as applied to meditation workshop we will explore our bodies as individuals, holding seated meditation poses for 5-10mins in order to feel deeply into the body where our most 1) obvious, 2) harder to detect and 3) subtle blockages are. Between each seated meditation we will explore yin poses that are specifically targeted to your areas of tension in order to release the body so that in our next meditation we can go deeper.


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