What are the Benefits of Elevation Training Mask?

What are the Benefits of Elevation Training Mask?

Did you stumble upon this page because you’re wondering what an elevation mask is? If you did, we’ve got the low-down on the history of what it does and how it benefits your routine. Read further for a little schooling.

The history of elevation mask

The origin of the elevation mask dates back to the concept of altitude training. For top athletes, they would typically be brought to a geographic location that had a much higher altitude than where they trained, played or compete. This is because an athlete’s body works harder when there’s less oxygen and when they return to their normal altitude, their body is able to do more than the competitors, easier and efficiently.

The history of altitude training dates back to the 1968 Olympics that were held in Mexico where the elevation was extremely high. In Mexico City, Mexico, the elevation was 7,349 feet. When the athletes performed in this environment, it was noted that many were coming in at below record times, which wasn’t heard of. It was then found to be because of the elevation and endurance these athletes hadn’t trained for. They were the best in the world, but the numbers weren’t showing that.

While many styles and devices have been thought of, it wasn’t until the elevation-training mask came along that all types of athletes would be able to train harder. Now, there’s a new and improved 2.0 training mask for an even better performance.

What it does

With the elevation training mask, the multi-level resistance system was designed to have a valve setup in which your body would be forced into taking deeper breaths during your work out because of oxygen limitations. When your lungs work harder, your stamina is built and you don’t become as tired. This also allows the flow of oxygen to reach your limbs more efficiently.

The benefits to your training

There are many benefits to using an elevation mask for training purposes. Some of these benefits include increased lung capacity, oxygen efficiency, energy production, focus and physical stamina.

When you train your lungs more, your capacity to intake oxygen is able to grow. When wearing the mask, one may feel out of breath; this is the mask doing its job. They are forcing you to increase your lung capacity by taking deeper breaths.

When your red blood cells receive more oxygen, your limbs become more energised and less tired. While it may not happen instantly, your workouts will only feel better as you continue to train with this altitude training inspired device. Many professional football players and other athletes use this device to train.

Last but not least, using a device that makes your body work harder means that your training sessions will be cut down immensely. Instead of overworking your limbs in a normal environment, increase your stamina without hurting your body by using an elevation mask.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Altitude Mask

Elevation training mask 2.0 is a new design which is much smaller and lightweight. The training mask comes with a selection of valves, these can be changed to replicate higher altitude training.
The mask also has interchangeable sleeves and valves available.



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