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Vendor Types

Since the launch of dance competition TV shows a whole new trend is in full swing for people seeking dance schools and dance teachers. There’s a big market for dance instructors so get listed on the UB Fitness app and share your talent with the world.

Running is such an easy activity to start. Why not start the first “Run to work club” for local commuters on your work route. Also why not start the “Bright Night Run” where runners wear bright luminous clothing  and lights whilst running at night.

Winter sports and activities
Winter sports are fun and a great way to exercise. We have members looking for local skating and ski instructors.

Start a “road safety class” showing members of the local community how to stay safe on our busy streets. Do you cycle to work, why not start your own “Cycle to work club”? BMX are really popular with kids and young adults. Why not start a “BMX after school club” and share your experience with people around your community?

Dodge ball
Dodgeball is a fun exciting sport from North America and is becoming very popular within the UK. Why not start a new dodgeball club in your local area and host tournaments for participants within your community. 

Martial Arts
At UB Fitness we believe that everyone should study some form of self-defence. From our market research we have found that many people do not know where to find self-defence classes. Why not bring martial arts classes to your members? Advertise on the UB Fitness app as a Personal Self-Defence instructor for one on one private classes.   

Do you have a basketball court within your local area, why not set up a 3 on 3 tournament? Why not offer your skills and experience to teach those who would like to play basketball but lack the confidence and knowledge. 


Do you have a sports club or a team looking for new players, if so why not advertise your details on the UB Fitness App?

Are you a Gymnastics instructor? If so why not let UB Fitness promote yourself or school? There are always members out there looking for Gymnastic teachers for their kids or themselves.  

Badminton is one of the most popular sports, but it can be quite difficult to find the nearest club, coach or even someone to play with. Why not be a badminton coach or badminton buddy and help someone else who is as passionate about playing badminton as you. 

Water sports
Water aerobics, water polo, synchronised swimming, diving, canoeing, kayaking, kitesurfing and picigin are great water sports. Living in the city can make it quite hard finding the nearest water sporting activity. Not many people offer these activities so why not be the first to list your details on the free UB Fitness App?

They say “training with friends can be more motivational than training alone” so why not start your own Gym Buddy group within your local area. Start today by downloading the free UB Fitness App.
Attend the gym and you will never be alone when you’re with your buddies.

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