Thai Yoga Massage Training – Part 2

Thai Yoga Massage Training – Part 2

Thai Yoga Massage Training – Part 2 Details

Love receiving Thai yoga massage? Why not learn this dynamic ‘sacred dance’ as its sometimes called. Learn a range of compression techniques, rhythmic rocking and yoga stretches, inversions and lifts. The course is divided into 2 parts:

Part 2 covers Side position, back stretches & prone position​

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on the floor in loose and comfortable clothing. Receiving Thai Yoga Massage is like doing a yoga workout – but without any effort. This is why it is sometimes referred to as assisted yoga or yoga for lazy people! A Thai Yoga Massage also incorporates rhythmic rocking, palming and thumbing along energy lines, compression techniques, gentle stretching and breath work, creating a slow flowing ‘dance’ around and with the recipient’s body.

The practitioner uses their hands, feet, arms and legs to gently guide the recipient into various yoga postures. The more skilful and fluid the practitioner the more the recipient is able to relax. Because Thai people, in the past at least, spent most of their time working in the felds doing manual labour, their massages focus 75 percent on the lower body and legs. In contrast Westerners spend more time at their desks and computers. Consequently the massage routine you will this course focuses equal attention to the lower and upper body.

Taught at weekends at Thai vedic massage in East Dulwich this 10 day course is divided into Part 1 and Part 2 with an exam on completion of Part 2.

Part 2 17th March; 13th & 14th April; 11th &12th May (exam day).


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