10 of the Best Places to Learn Street Dance in New York

10 of the Best Places to Learn Street Dance in New York

Stay fit & feel young through the art of dance. Learning a high energy style is fun & the schools below feature street dance instruction.

1. Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation

Whether you take dance classes regularly, haven’t been in 20 years, or have never danced a step, Ailey Extension has classes designed for you. Featuring public dance & fitness classes/ workshops for dancers of all levels. Classes run 7 days a week, all day, in more than 25 techniques. Their instructors are experts & create a welcoming, non-competitive environment.

405 W 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

Phone 212-405-9000
E-mail aileyextension@alvinailey.org


2. ​House of Movement

A New York City based studio featuring a range of classes in hip hop & street styles, engaging dancers of all levels. Offering classes for beginners & intermediate dancers.

500 8th Ave, 4th Floor
Between 35th & 36th Streets
New York NY, 10018

Phone 917-330-4607
E-mail info@houseofmovementny.com


3. Hip Hop Dance Junkies

A New York dance company founded in 2010 by Brandon Chow. HHDJ has grown over the years & maintains roughly 2,000 students.

HHDJ’s started with classes for absolute beginners with no dance experience whatsoever. In these classes, instructors break down hip hop dancing & teach basic warm-ups, some trick steps & reggae steps. This is a progressive program & students will be taught original choreography to a hot song over a 5-week period.

For skilled dancers wanting to work on their craft, they will be launching elite classes & a variety of more specific instruction.

500 8th Avenue
Between W. 35th & 36th Streets
New York, NY 10018

Phone 646-902-1360
E-mail info@hhdancejunkies.com


4. Steps on Broadway

Established in 1979, Steps on Broadway is an internationally recognized community of artists. They are committed to cultivating individuality, talent & appreciating the joy, the work, the focus & the sheer abandon of dance. Featuring classes 7 days a week at all levels in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, theater dance, hip hop, ethnic & body conditioning.

Steps is a state-of-the-art facility with an old-world ambiance, plus passion, energy & inspiration.

2121 Broadway @ 74th St.
New York, NY 10023

Phone 212 874-2410


5. 92nd Street Y

Featuring an urban-style workout with instruction that will add a new groove to your walk. Classes are ongoing.

1395 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10128

Phone 212-415-5555


6. The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory

Founded upon 6 pillars: Pedagogy, Repertory, Advocacy, Medical Research, Infrastructure & Design, or PYRAMID®. The pillars are created under the idea that artists are human first. An artist can’t achieve their potential if basic human needs are not being met. Each pillar was selected to address the needs of culture & community in Hip-Hop.

101 West 23rd Street, #164
New York, NY 10011

Phone 800-697-4698
E-mail info@hdcny.org


7. Shockra Studio

Feature a variety of instruction in everything from hip hop to pole dancing.

114 E 28th Street, #2A (@ Park & Lex)
New York, NY 10016

Phone 212-696-9642
E-mail info@shockrastudio.com


8. Mark Morris Dance Group

Developing, promoting & sustaining dance, music & opera productions by Mark Morris as well as serving as a cultural resource to engage & enrich the community.

3 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217

Phone 718-624-8400
E-mail info@mmdg.org


9. Peridance Capezio Center

Home to all styles & levels of dance, providing a spectrum of 250 weekly adult & kids classes in a nurturing, professional environment. Preparing dancers for the international dance arena with a world-renowned faculty, an international student program, two-year certificate program and The School at Peridance.

The Center is in a landmark building, featuring 6 spacious, sprung & column-free studios along with an in-house state-of-the-art facility, The Salvatore Capezio Theater.

126 East 13th Street
New York, NY 10003

Phone 212-505-0886
E-mail Info@peridance.com


10. Broadway Dance Center

A drop-in dance studio, allowing dancers to stop by any time & take a class from their daily schedule. Featuring more than 350 classes every week, taught by world renowned teachers & choreographers. State-of-the-art studio & a convenient location in the heart of the NYC Theater District make it the ultimate destination for dancers from around the world.

322 W 45th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036

Phone 212-582-9304
E-mail info@bwydance.com


If you know of a dance school with street dance classes that isn’t listed above, let us know & we’ll add it to our next list.


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