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Staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

Staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

With increasingly busy and chaotic lives – trying to balance work with family, friends and hobbies – it can be very difficult to stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. You must acknowledge that consistency is the key to achieving your goals at the gym. And you can not be consistent in your training if you can not find the motivation to continue.
The key to staying motivated, sticking to a diet, following your routine at the gym etc, depends on being able to control how you feel. Emotions and motivation are so close that you can not afford to lose sight of your emotions when you are looking for motivation.
Below are a few ways to stay on the right path to optimal fitness:

Know your long-term goals

If you wish to stay active and committed to your goals, then you must think about the future. Let’s say you’ve set out a goal to lose 25 kilos in twelve months, it will be a fantastic idea to write this down on a sticky note and place is where it can be visible to you every time you start a new day. This will help you remember your goal when you get up in the morning, and with this in your head, you are pushed to work hard in order to execute your mission.

Establish short-term objectives

By detailing your long-term goals, you make it easier to achieve them. Try to divide them into stages. Our motivation depends enormously on the dopamine system. When we set goals for ourselves, we need to find a way to stay encouraged in order to keep going.

Reassuring ourselves constantly that we will feel rewarded at the end of our search is fuel for our mind and body. Even when you achieve something small, your brain triggers that sense of fulfilment and motivation, giving you the zeal to keep pushing for more; so it is recommended that you break down your fitness journey to avoid waiting too long to feel rewarded. Divide it into stages and take your time to complete them one after the other. This will help you get rewarded regularly, thereby pushing you closer and closer to the fulfilment of your ultimate goal.

A good example is to create monthly / weekly calendars, with an objective such as “loose 1-2 kilos per week”. Always be reasonable with the metabolism and physical conditions of each of them.

Have a positive attitude

Leave all the negativity at the door when you get to the gym. Studies have shown that a lot of people tend to procrastinate more frequently when they are in a bad mood. At the same time, researchers have found that being happy can increase your productivity and help you achieve your goals. Although “being happy” sounds simple, it can actually be hard to force yourself to change your mood. Once you start seeing little progress towards your final goal, your mood is guaranteed to change positively.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Undoubtedly, the fear of failure is like poison to the mind, which can completely kill any little motivation you have. Being kind to ourselves can be a vital source of strength. Place your hand on your chest and say some words of understanding and encouragement that help you to pass the moment; stop the harsh criticism within your yourself.

Manage your energies

When you go after a certain goal, it is important to maximise energy, not time. The act of multitasking to save time overwhelms us, leaving us exhausted, with poor results. We must take care of the physical energy, the emotional energy (keep calm and put emotions under control), the mental (control our attention) and the spiritual (connect with the purpose that directs your goals).

Surround yourself with the right people

Use the external pressure in your favour by surrounding yourself with motivated and inspiring people. Find a group of people with whom you can go to the gym and have defined goals for those who work constantly. Research shows that the people you surround yourself with have a great impact on who you are and the person you want to be. For example, if you want to get fit, you should spend time with people who are fit or working to achieve the same goal. Like a plant, you can use the process of osmosis by proximity and absorb the dedication and motivation of those around you.

Do not forget to savour success.

The road to fitness is definitely not an easy one, not forgetting that a lot of activities involved will most likely take us out of our comfort zone. If there is an absence of things that are fun and interesting in the path towards achieving fitness, there is a high possibility of loosing motivation as time goes on, making it more difficult to hit your target.
Rewarding yourself after reaching a target is an excellent way to stay motivated and avoid boredom, mental fatigue, and consequently, failure. This can be as simple as giving yourself a treat, like that bowl of ice cream you’ve stayed away from for so long, buying yourself a new pair of trainers, a t-shirt; just indulge or give yourself something you know you like.
It is important that you’re able to enjoy the process of reaching such tough goals. You deserve that tremendous feeling of pride and satisfaction for reaching a milestone that can go a long way in improving your health.

Be sure to recognise your achievements and applaud your efforts for a job well done. This can have a massive effect on your mental strength, while building positive memories that bring strength and endurance.
We all have the ability and determination to stay on track to achieve a goal. Focus on the present and do not give up in the face of continuous falls and obstacles. Set your mind on the objective in front of you; take it step by step.


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