How to get a Rounder Butt in 7 Easy Steps.

How to get a Rounder Butt in 7 Easy Steps.

Sitting down all day at your desk in front of a computer can play havoc to both your posture and posterior which can in turn lead to all sorts of back problems.

Bad Posture = Back Problems Plus A Whole Lot More

We will cover these problem in another article. In this article we are dealing purely with our POSTERIORS.
So as I said sitting all day with very little walking can cause the muscles in your butt to become weak and lazy, therefore, causing our lovely big, small or in between bums to become saggy, flat and shapeless. Now all you ladies out there please don’t deny it but you would love to have a J- Lo butt and come to think of it you would love your man’s butt to be firm and pert also. So if you want that rounder butt, then all you have to do is bust some moves and sweat a little to get your butt back into shape. If you are ready to make the effort to achieve the butt of your dreams, then try these seven exercises and be ready to rock ‘n’ roll your butt next summer in shorts and swim wear!

1. Kickback Squats

Take up a squat position as if you are sitting without a chair and bent forward. Place your left leg behind you keeping it straight then lift it off the ground as far as you can. While extending both arms forward. You can do this by placing your hand against a wall if you think you are unable to balance, but make sure that all your weight is on your heel and you feel a tightening of the muscles in your butt. Try to raise your leg a little higher each day to increase the muscle activity, as the higher it will go the better it will help to shape your butt. Repeat with the right leg. Repeat this exercise daily 15 times on both legs.

2. Bridge Exercise with Swiss Ball

Lying down flat on the floor place your legs over the ball. Your arms should be stretched out by your sides. Pressing your heels into the ball try to lift your butt from the floor to make a straight bridge. Engaging your core muscles move your butt up and down as if you were doing push-ups. Only a small movement is necessary and if you are doing it correctly you should feel the muscles in your butt contract.

3. Marching on the Spot

Stand up in a straight and still position with your elbows tight to the sides of your body. Now lift your forearms as if you are holding a serving tray with your palms facing down. Try to march while standing in the same position making sure that the knees touch with your palms. Remember to keep your arms stiff. If you have bad posture or lower back problems, then your knees may not be able to touch your palms at first but with persistence and repetition gradually you will be able to raise your knees high enough to touch your palms.

4. Leg Lifts

This is probably the most common and easiest exercise but it takes a little time. Lying down face up on the floor with your legs straight. Bend your left leg so that the foot is flat on the floor. Then lift your right leg off the floor as high as you are able to so that it exerts pressure on your butt. Try to hold your right leg in this position for ten to fifteen seconds and then repeat with the left leg. This exercise is also beneficial for your thighs.

5. Cycling

All of us have done cycling at some point in our lives and some of us still cycle on a daily basis whether it is to work or school or just for pleasure on the weekends. But have you ever tried the cycling movement without a cycle? If no, then try this one as it is best for getting your butt into shape. Lying flat on a mat with your arms spread out on either side of you, raise both your legs into the air and start to move them in a cycling motion as if you were riding a bicycle. The longer you are able to hold your legs up and keep them in the cycling motion, the more you will be stretching and toning your butt muscles as you burn fat. You can stop this exercise when your lower back becomes fatigued and you feel the urge to support your lower back with your hands.

6. Superman

The name of this exercise may seem somewhat strange, but it does have great health benefits. You have to stand in a position like a dog with your hands and knees touching the floor. Then you have to try to fly like a bird! This means that you have to lift your left arm up while kicking the right leg back simultaneously. Try to hold this position for several seconds and repeat with the opposite leg and arm. In the initial days it is possible that you will feel muscular tension in your lower back but don’t discontinue due to this as your focus will slowly shift to the gluts.

7. Stairs climbing

This is something which is both eco and health friendly. After the rigorous workout of the above six exercises you need to climb some stairs daily. Just give up the habit of taking lifts every time you go to the office or department store and use the stairs instead. If you are able and not running late for the office use the stairs at least once a day. This is probably the simplest exercise but it will require you to give yourself some extra time to get to wherever you may be going.

So what are you waiting for, get off your butts and start these exercises now, as there is no time like the present. The best part is you don’t require any expensive equipment and you can do them in the privacy of your own home and it is FREE. So the only investment is your time and the returns could be very tempting. You seriously can’t miss this deal!


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