Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics Volleyball Competition

Rio Olympics Volleyball Competition

Rio Olympics Volleyball Competition Details

Basketball & volleyball were invented within a few years of one another at Springfield College in Massachusetts. In 1895, William G. invented a game for older people that was less strenuous than basketball, he called it Mintonette. A local professor noted the ball was volleyed over the net & the sport was renamed.

Volleyball quickly became popular across the globe. Japan was playing by 1896, followed closely by other Asian countries as the sport developed rapidly over the next 20 years.

No country has truly dominated volleyball, although the Soviet Union has won the most medals.

Vollyball Schedule & Results

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Rio Olympics 2016 Rio Olympics 2016 published - 2 years ago.

Start: 08/06/2016 20:30

End: 08/21/2016 15:30

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Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016

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