Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics Rowing Competition

Rio Olympics Rowing Competition

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Rowing has been used for transportation since ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome. Its roots as a sporting event probably come from England during the late 17th early 18th centuries. The Oxford-Cambridge university boat race began in 1828 & by the 19th century, rowing was becoming popular in Europe & America.

There have been Rowing competitions at all the of the Olympic Games. The only exception being 1896 in Athens when a stormy sea compelled organisers to cancel the events. Women made their debut at the Games in 1976 in Montreal, competing in a smaller program.

Up to the 1960s, the USA dominated Olympic rowing. Then the Soviet Union took over as champions. However by the 1970s-80s East German athletes were winning. Today the reunified German team is among the best in the world.

Rowing Schedule & Results

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