Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition

Rio Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition

Rio Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Details

During the 19th century rhythmic gymnastics operated under as group gymnastics & included some elementary choreography. It grew slowly until the first competitions appeared in eastern Europe during the 1930s, where a newfound complexity began to draw a wider audience.

Rhythmic gymnastics evolved from a variety of related disciplines including classical ballet; a German system of emphasising apparatus work for muscle development; & a Swedish method of using free exercise to develop rhythm.

The FIG recognized rhythmic gymnastics as an official discipline in 1963. A year later an international tournament was organized in Budapest. In 1964 the tournament was officially declared the first Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships.

The number of gymnast athletes grew as interest spread to other parts of the world. Gymnasts from the US first appeared in 1973 & rhythmic gymnastics began to emerge as its own discipline. It entered the Olympic Games in 1984.

Since its debut in 1984, rhythmic gymnastics has always been a part of the Olympic program. Until 1992 in Barcelona, only one individual event was on the program. A second team event was added to the program in 1996 in Atlanta.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Schedule & Results

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