Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics Field Hockey Competition

Rio Olympics Field Hockey Competition

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Records of hockey being played with a ball & stick go back to Persia around 2000 BC. The first officially recorded team was the Blackheath Hockey Club in the UK, dating back to 1861. By 1866 the Amateur Hockey Association was formed in London. The British military then carried the game to the rest of the Empire.

Until the 1970s, hockey was mainly played on natural grass, but heavy turf made the game slow. When plastic turf was introduced, the game became quicker and more exciting, creating the modern game.

Most dominant nations in the sport are, or were, part of the British Empire. This includes India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand & England. Other nations have come to the forefront in more recent times.

Field hockey made its Olympic debut at the 1908 Games in London, after that hockey became a firm fixture on the Olympic Games. In its 100 years of Olympic competition, hockey has been dominated by one country. The Indian men’s team, with six consecutive titles between 1928 and 1956.

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