10 Reasons Why Playing Team Sports Builds Character

10 Reasons Why Playing Team Sports Builds Character

Playing team sports are well known to help build people’s character and this article is written to cover the 10 basic reasons why this is so.


Sports play an essential role in our lives, whether it is through casual play with associates, team games as student athletes, or as parents of kids who play sports casually or in structured leagues. Certain people possess the potential to influence character development through sports, and amongst these individuals are your peers, parents, and the media as an entity, teachers, professional athletes, teammates, and fans. We also have coaches as the most profound influence in the development of character via sport. A good coach or trainer is capable of encouraging players and also aiding them to improve on their skills, set objectives, and to perform at the top of their ability with good spirit of sportsmanship, poise, and self-confidence.

Engaging in team sports have been found to be essential in creating not just good students, but very considerate and rounded individuals. It supports in preparing young men to become more rational, kind-hearted, accepting, and involved participants of society, our nation and our world at large. This further helps in positively transforming teams, colleges, and communities. It fashions out secure, considerate, and encouraging setting where students grow intellectually and athletically. For team sports to be highly effective and beneficial to character formation there must be a planned sports program which is vital to guarantee character development through sport. Such programs should include a scheme laid out more specifically on how to approach learning, accomplishment and competition, and then to also step away from a culture of “must win at all costs” motivation. It should enforce appropriate codes and ethical standards and where such is not adhered to – there must be a penalty structure that defines the outcomes and consequences.

Team sports activities offers chances for learning loyalty, commitment and discipline, and also delivers the right tools and atmosphere to better appreciate human relationships and an ideal for positive behaviour in the public. The ideals of good character comprise of but not limited to decency, courage, kind-heartedness, generosity, loyalty, integrity, fair-mindedness, self-control and farsightedness, and all of these turn out to be physiognomies of people’s lives; and this is exactly the role that team sports play. Team sports simply opens up the platform which delivers values that help participants cultivate good character in a fun and organised environment.

Here are 10 reasons why playing team sports builds character

1. Respect

Playing Team sports helps people with respect to minimising the risk for involvement in illegal drugs and even attempting suicide. Research has found that suicide attempts often go hand in hand with social marginalisation, and thus the engagement and social belonging to a sports team offers participants the platform to learn how to be a better person of a community following ethics of good character.

2. Working With Others

Playing team sports teaches the art of discipline, which is fundamental for living in a cohesive society. It thus helps to make people appreciate and understand the benefits of co-existing and encourage them to work with others as they try to aim for a set of similar objectives.

3. Having Good Sportsmanship

Playing team sports builds character as it teaches people how to function at best in a group setting, and how to also have good sportsmanship, which translates to helping such individuals in their career path and with set skills for their workplace.

4. Have a Competitive Edge

Playing team sports help inculcating the spirit for keeping to training and control which are both essential for work and social environments. With this mind set developed through sports, people are better off than their peers in the real world of academic and business/workplace training.

5. Managing anxiety and stress

Playing team sports also helps with regards to managing anxiety and stressful situations, and also helps with the skills for making smart quick decisions. It simply helps people stay in perfect shape both physically and mentally and imparts a sense for proper management of time.

6. Relationships and Friendships

Playing team sports helps to boost relationships and friendships, both with peers and adults. This helps you to form friendships you might not have easily been able to form. It helps to bring people together from different backgrounds, cultures and communities. It has the ability to transcend religion, language and culture.

7. Love & appreciation to one another

Playing team sports also helps to bring families together as there is always a scarcity of time in which students can spend with their parents. With the consistent support of your family – you will feel good about yourself and this strengthens your connection to them as well. Sports offer you and your parents periods to show love & appreciate to one another.


8. Gain wisdom and encouragement

Playing team sports also help to offer more wisdom and encouragement from coaches who can be very good role models. The bond that you build with your coach is very essential to the success of the team. It helps to bring the team together, and offers participants the exact tools to help drive them to success, both academically and physically.

9. Healthy mind and body

Playing team sports builds up character in people, helping them to fully comprehend and appreciate the beauty of exercising and staying healthy. Engaging in sport activities helps to improve a person’s health in several ways and this is so because to be a good athlete, you would be required to take good care of yourself. With this in place, you only find yourself thinking about the right foods and drinks to consume and how to treat your body to attain top performance levels.

Last but not least

10. Leadership

Finally, playing team sports surely helps to cultivate leadership skills. This provides you the privilege to edge yourself with other competitive peers and role models, and then to learn vital lessons from them. As a sports person, you will be able to exhibit your own leadership traits through captainship positions and other distinct actions to advance your team’s success.


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