Overweight or Skinny Which is Worse?

Overweight or Skinny Which is Worse?

We’ve all experienced it. Our weight fluctuates up and down like a yo-yo.

The holidays can bring joy, relaxation, food and a few extra pounds!
The hot summer months can get you up and moving with fun activities in the sun! With all that exercise and skipping lunch to continue your progress in bringing the weight back down.

In this article we are trying to answer the question, “Being overweight or skinny, which is worse?”

While having a few pounds may not matter much, it can start you down a slippery slope. The number you see staring back at you on the scale begins to stack up. Watch yourself before it falls too far either way.

But which way is worse?

The bigger they are…

Life is hard. Between work and school and family and friends where can anyone possibly find time to enjoy life and hit the gym? Being constantly on the go can create an unhealthy environment for your body. “On the go” in todays term means a lot of time sitting. Whether it’s in your car, on the bus or resting on the couch at the end of the day, you’re sitting. Sitting on the bottom that is beginning to grow from lack of exercise. The increasingly streamlined world we live in begs us to stand still. Escalators, elevators, trams and 15 minute parking cause us to move as little as possible while still accomplishing the day’s tasks.

Now while you were riding the escalator to your car you may have realised that its past dinnertime and you are running out of time after your busy day! Finding the time to cook is never easy and rarely fun. Finding the strength to pass by the ten different fast food joints on your way home takes determination! Too much fast food is just another factor that promotes unhealthy weight gain

…The harder they fall.

After packing on a few pounds you may not feel so great, you’re slower and uncomfortable and buy new clothes so you no longer look like a child who grew too large for your prior attire you begin to feel a chest pain. We all must be proactive against unwanted weight gain, which everyone now knows leads to obesity.

The skinny side of things.

Many wish to shed some weight at any given time. It is much harder to lose weight than it is to gain it (for most people, anyway). Whilst staying trim and fit is a healthy lifestyle to fall into we must be wary of straying too far into this end of the spectrum. While we can accidentally shed some weight in stressful times, mass loss of weight can be truly detrimental to our bodies. Without a healthy amount of fat our bodies begin to eat themselves and self-deterioration sets in. If this continues it may be early signs of anorexia or one of the many other eating disorders.

The real answer
Of course the real answer is that neither of these options are viable. The best that you can do for yourself is to keep your body at a safe and healthy median weight range with the right amount of body fat. Take care of yourself and try not to tip the scales!

Have you ever had problems with weight management, what did you do to over come it?
If you’re still struggling get in touch with Deon, UB Fitness cofounder & fitness professional, he’d happily help you so why not drop him an email?


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