10 of the Best Places to Learn Muay Thai in Toronto

10 of the Best Places to Learn Muay Thai in Toronto

An high-energy way to get into great shape & learn self defense moves, Muay Thai is great for anyone who likes a hard workout. The gyms below specialize in Muay Thai instruction, be sure to check out a class today!

1. Krudar Muay Thai

An energetic Muay Thai Kickboxing Fitness community in Toronto, now with 2 locations, one in Kensington Market & one in Don Mills. Pack up your boring workout routine & get excited for something different. Voted #1 Martial Arts Gym in Toronto, they were designed to help people live better through Muay Thai.

152 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, ONT, M5T 2L5
Phone 416-923-5633
E-mail contact@krudar.com

1335 Lawrence Ave East
Toronto, ONT, M3A 1C6
Phone 416-444-5633
E-mail donmills@krudar.com


2. Old School Muay Thai

Come down to learn from a school that has supported Muay Thai for years, before it was cool to do so. Old School Muay Thai is among the original gyms in Toronto, founded by Kru James Hines. He is the first student of Canada’s Thai champion, Ajarn Suchart, the respected father of this Thai tradition.

225 Richmond St W
Toronto, Ont M5V 1W2

Phone 416-436-0226
E-mail james@oldschoolmuaythai.com


3. Warrior Muay Thai

A premium martial arts school located in the Don Mills area of Toronto, established in 2008. Offering classes for kids & adults of all ages. Members enjoy access to a variety of programs, including Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, boot camp style fitness classes & private training.

68 Railside Road
Toronto, ONT, M3A 3P8

Phone 647-295-6143
E-mail info@warriormuaythai.com


4. South Side Muay Thai

Their mission is to promote the tradition culture & sport of Muay Thai. Striving to create the family atmosphere found in many boxing camps of Thailand, so young adults, kids & boxers receive the best experience possible. They believe in inspiration through good leadership & demonstrating daily the philosophy of love, respect & believe.

2065 Midland Ave. Unit 2
Scarborough, ONT, M1P 4P8
Phone 647-428-8586 (after 4pm weekdays & 12pm Saturdays)

1209 St.Clair Ave West,
Toronto, ONT, M6E 1B5
Phone 416-410-2007

E-mail info@southsidemuaythai.ca


5. York Muay Thai

A Muay Thai School centered around teaching traditional Muay Thai. Students learn the art of Muay Thai, along with the language & culture of Thai people. With a focus on building people & maintaining the martial art aspect of Muay Thai. Love, respect & believe is the motto they live by.

153-155 Limestone Crescent
North York, ONT M3J 2R1

Phone 416-739-8424
E-mail info@yorkmuaythai.com


6. Siam No. 1 House of Muay Thai

Canada’s first Muay Thai Academy, established in the basement of Young Thailand restaurant in Toronto during 1992. They have been growing ever since. Now, their students can be found around the globe. Some students have opened their own schools & are sharing the learnings of Ajahn Suchart. Suchart teaches traditional systems, from exercise to movements to technical sequences to fighting strategies. These traditional teachings being spread across the province, county & world.

21 Wade Ave
Toronto ONT, M6H 1P4

Phone 416-781-3775
E-mail info@siamno1.com


7. Triumph Muay Thai

Committed to providing a proactive, friendly environment, featuring programs in most aspects of self defense, fighting & fitness. Featuring some of the best trainers specializing in Muay Thai, boxing, kettlebell training, strength conditioning & nutrition under one roof. Whether you want to get into great shape, learn self defense or compete, their team of professional trainers will help you achieve personal goals.

760 Birchmount Rd
Toronto, ONT, M1K 5H3

Phone 416-751-2244
E-mail Triumphmuaythai@gmail.com


8. Martial Energy

Whether you are looking for fitness, competition, or simply to learn an art form , they welcome you to their family. With dedication & practice, anyone can excel at Muay Thai. A typical session includes conditioning & fitness drills, technical work, pad work, sparring & clinching. It is a full body experience that will take fitness & strength levels to new heights. Classes accommodate all fitness & skill levels.

Classes are taught by Kru Chris Cortez, Wilson Tan & Spring Sia. Exceptional technicians, teachers & active Muay Thai competitiors.

689 Warden Ave #3
Scarborough, ONT, M1L 4R6

Phone 647-350-8424
E-mail info@newenergymuaythai.ca


9. Lanna MMA

Established in 2005, Lanna MMA is among the longest MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai/ kickboxing schools in the North York & Vaughan area. Offering world class instruction for kids & adults in Muay Thai & kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/ no gi grappling, MMA, strength & conditioning along with circuit training. They are a curriculum based school, allowing all of their students to graduate from one level to the next. Their curriculum was developed by the owner, Kru Jordan Kravitz & his instructor, Muay Thai legend Ajahn Jovan Stojanovsky. This ensures world class instruction, maximum safety & progression of our students.

3625 Weston Rd
Unit 1 & 2
Toronto, ONT, M9L 1V9

Phone 416-740-2352 or 1-877-740-2350
E-mail info@lannamma.com


10. ​Hook-Up Muay Thai

Muay Thai boxing, traditional boxing & world class athletic performance. Providing programs for adults, kids & families. Come try martial arts for fitness or competition. Creating a great environment to get the best workout of your life.

288 Bridgeland Ave. Unit #2
North York, ONT, M6A 1Z4

Phone 647-284-0470
E-mail hookupmuaythai@hotmail.com


If you know of another great Muay Thai school that isn’t listed above, let us know & we’ll add it to our next list.


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