Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing For Deep Relaxation

Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing For Deep Relaxation

Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing For Deep Relaxation Details

Kundalini yoga for deep relaxation is a simple class open to anyone who wish to achieve a peaceful state of mind and relaxed body.

Benefits are many including: Stress reduction, ease feeling of anxiety and negative thinking pattern, enhance digestion, improve the quality of breathing, sleep and concentration.

This session comprehend asana (postures) and gentle stretches, pranayama ( breathing exercise, dynamic meditation and sound healing ( gong & drum ).

~ Beginner and more experienced students are welcome ~
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Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology, comprising of specific physical movements, postures, breathing techniques, and mantras that produce effects on both your mind and body.

Practicing this type of yoga helps you release tension, balance your nervous system, and induce deep relaxation. It helps you strengthen your body, especially your core, and as a resulting in better stress management.

The meditative space it creates helps you to achieve a state of Harmony between body, mind and spirit that genuinely facilities to develop a strong and reliable sense of intuition.

Pranayam – breath work – helps slowing down feeling more balanced and relaxed which enhance creativity, optimism, a sense of connection within yourself and inner peace.


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Start: 01/15/2019 19:00

End: 01/15/2019 20:30

Timezone: UTC

Age: Everyone
Fitness level: All levels
Disabled facilities: No
Food available: No
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