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How to avoid gaining a few extra pounds during holiday

How to avoid gaining a few extra pounds during holiday

The holidays arrive, and with them, visits to other countries, beaches, mountains, beautiful villages in the interior of the country, among others. These are ideal to disconnect, rest and enjoy the wide variety of foods and drinks at our disposal.

Sometimes it happens that after arriving home from vacation and getting on the scale, you feel shocked at how many pounds you’ve gained in such a short period of time. It is estimated that you can add between 2 – 4 kilos during a holiday. Different events throughout the year, and mainly in holiday period, put our healthy diet at risk, despite maintaining good eating habits on a daily basis.

Yes, everyone usually seeks to rest, have fun, reflect, eat without guilt and enjoy with the family. But, have it mind that without proper guidance, all the time you’ve spent at the gym could end up being a total waste!

It is important to enjoy everything that comes with the holidays, but with the respective moderation so that what we do during this period doesn’t bring us consequences that can range from a few extra pounds to complications for people suffering from diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. It is key to know how to choose and organise. Follow these tips to maintain a balanced routine and good eating habits:

Start with a healthy breakfast

You can include carbs (like oats or fruits), proteins (like yoghurt or eggs), and healthy fats (like avocados) to start the day. Breakfast is very important since it helps you to stay filled from the start of the day, while also giving you energy to kick off your holiday activities.

Stay active

Walk and explore the place you are visiting, perform activities such as climbing, swimming, playing soccer, among other activities. In general, everything that keeps you active counts as an exercise session and if you do it as a family, better!

Stay hydrated

Drink water whenever you feel thirsty and avoid excessive fluid loss due to heat. Always offer water to children and babies since they do not always know how to order liquids. Remember to load your water bottle with you to stay well hydrated. Many times dehydration causes us to overeat, or eat without being hungry, so take enough natural water to stay satiated.

Take the time to eat and dine

Try to eat without haste, in a relaxed way, as chewing food well is a way to promote proper digestion. Keep in mind that just after 20 minutes of having started eating, that is when the feeling of fullness appears. It is ideal to drink water or any healthy liquid, at least 20 to 25 minutes before your main meal.

Respect meal times

Always respect the meal schedules, especially if you include your children in the outputs; by not doing this, you will be modifying their habits and then you will have problems returning to your normal life after the holidays.

Do not skip meals

It does not matter if the day starts later, make the 3-4 meals and snacks in the day to avoid pecking.

A craving a day

Whether at fairs, beaches, mountains or villages, you will always find many delicious treats all around the country, try to give yourself that craving at one of the meal times, so you will avoid eating more times in a day.

Start your meals with salads or vegetables

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is advisable to start with a salad, since you will be including vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and few calories. In general, salads are a source of fiber to avoid constipation, which is very common among vacationers.

Choose lean meats and fresh fish

It is recommended for lunches and dinners to select lean meats, accompanied by raw or cooked vegetables or also cereals such as rice or potatoes. Of course, also if you can, consume more frequently fresh fish of rich and healthy forms.

Do not overdo it with alcohol

If you want to drink alcohol during the holidays, your consumption should be moderate. The maximum recommended dose according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is one daily measure for women and two measures for men. Among the alcoholic beverages, red wine is preferable for its polyphenol content (chemical substances beneficial to health).

Eat healthy at restaurants

If you go to restaurants, choose baked, roasted, boiled or steamed foods. Watch your diet and weight, avoiding fried and creamy foods. Enjoy the food, chew slowly to feel satisfied easily. If you can consume more vegetables, it will be much better for your health.

The drinks

The heat and humidity of the holiday period makes our consumption of drinks increase. Many drinks such as soda, cocktails – with and without liquor, beer and fruit smoothies with syrups, are high in calories. It is advisable to alternate drinks with plain water to reduce calorie consumption and switch to ice tea or lemonade without sugar, natural juices diluted in water and mineral water.

Choose healthy snacks

In the places you visit, you can find seasonal fruit, sugar-free drinks, seeds and whole-grain cookies. If you do not want to run the risk of eating contaminated food due to bad preparation, choose to bring these same snacks prepared from home.

Moderation instead of deprivation

If you forbid yourself to eat something that you like, a mental phenomenon called “cognitive restriction” happens that makes us feel more attracted towards that which is forbidden. This can cause you you to eat it in large quantities, bringing about states of guilt. It is better to eat those foods that you crave, but in small portions and eating it slowly, so you can enjoy it.

Rest and family time is necessary for everyone, but in these periods of leisure, we still have to take very good care of ourselves. If you respect your balanced diet and, above all, your healthy habits, you will avoid causing your body to undergo some negative transformation. Be selective in your diet and in the activities you do during the holidays.

Enjoy your vacation in moderation!


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