The Ultimate Bodyweight Exercises Guide you can do at Home

The Ultimate Bodyweight Exercises Guide you can do at Home

If you’re looking to spice up your workout and want to learn something new that grabs your attention, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Below, you’ll learn what bodyweight exercises are, the benefits of body weight exercises and why these types of exercises are essential for a normal training routine.


What are bodyweight exercises?

The title of the exercise is exactly what they are – exercises that utilise your body weight. The purpose of these exercises are to help one improve their balance, flexibility and strength without the use of equipment. By using your own body weight, you can begin to strengthen your core as well as your muscles. When this happens, your stamina and endurance also increases.

The benefits of bodyweight exercises and why we should do it

Are you new to the term of bodyweight exercising? Are you one that really likes to workout, but wants to skip the gym and get into shape?
If so, your body is your best friend! There are many benefits of bodyweight training and some of them include:

Inexpensive – You can skip the gym and save your money for a better diet or fun activities. Your body is free as you already own it and your weight is something you can use to improve your own stamina and flexibility! Your own body can replace clunky machines and you can save space. The best part about using your own space is that you don’t need much at all for an effective training session.

Efficient – Since bodyweight training works solely with your weight, you’re able to switch between exercises quickly and without spending money on other equipment. Bodyweight training also falls under the category of interval training, which can help shed weight rather quickly because majority of the exercises are cardio based. When you have bodyweight exercises in bursts, this has been proven to be much more effective than normal, steady cardio. When you incorporate this style of training, you’re able to strengthen your heart and lung capacity, which allows you to increase your stamina and oxygen intake for your red blood cells.

Bodyweight Exercises

Now, for the good stuff: here are four bodyweight exercises that anyone can do from home to start shedding those pounds!

Burpee with Push-Ups

You may not be able to work on this one straight away, but you can build your strength if you push hard enough. In order to do a proper push up, you must start in a plank position and then place your hands below your shoulders slightly out from your chest. By keeping your elbows back and your back flat, you’re able to push up into a proper push-up. The lower you go, the better.

Tricep Dip

This one may be a bit harder for some, but grab a chair and stand in front of it. Then, you want to put your hands on the seat of the chair while facing outward. When doing this, your able to push your legs outward and begin doing a squat, while holding onto the chair. This will build up your tricep muscles as your pushing your own weight off of the chair.

Jumping Squats

Very good exercise that challenges your core and legs. Stand with your legs shoulder weight apart, squat down as far as you can go, explode up by jumping as high as you can making sure your toes are the last thing to leave the ground and the first thing that touches the ground as you land. When you land make sure you land right back in to that deep squat to avoid impact on your knees and ankles.

Pull-up bar

Last but not least, the pull-up bar is an effective workout for those who do have a little bit of equipment at home or access to a gym. With this, you’ll be able to lift your complete weight up and you’ll be able to track your progress as you go. By doing pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging side crunches and other exercises, you are working your core, your arms and your abs. If you can’t do a pull-up, work on it and see how far you can go over time. This is a great way to track your own personal progression.

If you’re someone who loves bodyweight exercises and we have not listed any, please lets us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to our next article.


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