5 Ways to Improve Your General Fitness

5 Ways to Improve Your General Fitness

There are many ways to improve your health. Lets take a look at 5 simple ways you can improve your overall fitness.

1. Eat well

In order to maintain the right weight you need to eat enough proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids everyday. Junk foods which are high on calories, fats, sodium and carbohydrates are to be avoided at all costs. However you need to eat some animal fat since your body needs its daily dose of cholesterol. Try to go for foods containing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and avoid trans fats, high sodium and high fructose foods. Instead of ordering a cola you should drink a glass of fresh juice or mineral water. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and try to eat them uncooked whenever possible. Instead of buns and burgers, go for whole grain breads and cereals. Foods like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and soya beans are rich sources of polyunsaturated fats while canola oil, olive oil and peanut oils are good sources of monounsaturated fats. If you are keen on maintaining a healthy weight then try to control your daily calorie intake.

2. Exercise regularly

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Fitness and exercise goes hand in hand and proper exercise is generally a direct indicator of your overall level of fitness. Technology has surely made our lives a whole lot easier but it has also made us a lot more lazy and inactive. In order to stay strong and fit our body needs a daily dose of physical activity. Regular cardio exercises like brisk walking for about one hour not only helps to lose weight and burn calories but also allows the nutrients and oxygen to be delivered in all the body tissues. Moreover it also prompts the lungs and heart to function more effectively.
Therefore you can start you talking a walk every morning and evening and slowly incorporate a few cardio vascular exercises into your exercise regime. Some cool ways of cardio workouts include cycling, swimming, and jogging on treadmill. However in case you have a heart condition then you better stick to light exercises and yoga instead of vigorous exercises. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator and use your cycle for commuting to nearby places.

3. Sleep well

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Along with regular workout and healthy diet you need adequate sleep to feel energetic and to improve your overall body fitness. Lack of quality sleep can lead to a number of problems including, fatigue, depression, muscular atrophy and even weight gain. On an average a healthy adult needs about 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep everyday and on especially hectic days even 10 hours sleep is not too much. Though the amount of sleep we need largely depends on genetics yet there are a few factors which can influence the quality and quantity of our sleep. Stimulants like tea, coffee, and alcohol needs to be avoided at least 5 hours before your sleeping time. Coffee and nicotine boosts brain activity and therefore prevents us from getting sound sleeps. In order to promote the best quality sleep you need to make your bedroom dark and free of all noises.

4. Avoid bad habits

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Getting rid of all your bad habits is yet another important factor for promoting your overall fitness. First and foremost you need to quit smoking and avoid drinking excessive alcohol. Smoking tobacco harms each and every organ of your body and leads to numerous fatal diseases. So take the warning seriously and quit smoking this very day. You can resort to e- cigarettes and nicotine patches to help yourself with the process of quitting. Also avoid drinking regularly and instead of beer or whisky switch to a few glasses of red or white wine.

5. Visit the doctor regularly

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To gauge your level of overall fitness you need to make an appointment with your family physician at least once in every 2 months. Your doctor will measure your BMI and check all your vitals like blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, breathing rate and make sure that you are in a proper physical state to carry out your daily activities.


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