Need to Find the Right Personal Trainer? Here’s How

Need to Find the Right Personal Trainer? Here’s How

A New Year! And a New You! Like millions of other people across the world who want to change their lives yet can’t find the right personal trainer (this problem is more common than you think) we’re here to help.


Have you ever hired a personal trainer, only to find out he or she does not have the right answers for you? Or how about when the personal trainer never seems to have a session available for your busy time schedule? Or even just maybe you find that the personal trainer himself is not even motivated when it comes to being fit?

Well, there is a way you can find a personal trainer that is right for you. Follow these steps to help you find your perfect trainer in time to begin your New Year’s resolution.

1) Know Your Personal Preferences

It’s important to know your own personal training preferences when looking for a trainer that is right for you. If you are not a morning person, then you should not hire a trainer whose sessions start at 7:00 AM sharp. This is a recipe for disaster and you will never follow through on your fitness goals. Know exactly what type of training you want to do, when you want to do it, and for how long.

2) Ask Around Town

You don’t have to just ask a gym staff member’s opinion on who the best personal trainer is. Ask around town. Ask your friends, your coworkers, or anyone else you can think of. Chances are there are qualified personal training “freelancers” in your town who can personalise your training even more than a gym trainer can.

3) Know A Trainer’s Personality

It is important to not only know your own personality, but that of the trainer as well. If you are looking for someone to get in your face while you train, then you would not hire a “nice” trainer. You must know what kind of training feedback matches your style.

4) Have The Motivation

No matter how many different trainers you try, if you are not motivated to succeed or improve your fitness, you will not truly improve yourself.

5) Never Give Up

You may find one trainer you do not like, then automatically find yourself disliking all personal trainers. Every personal trainer is different.

Never give up if one does not meet your satisfaction; keep looking!

6) Find A Trainer That Tracks Progress

Most people will tell you that the perfect personal trainer tracks your progress of improvement or growth after each week. This not only goes to show you that they are doing their job, but it also acts as a personal motivator to keep pushing no matter how tough it gets.

7) Make Sure They Are Up-to-Date

Maybe you are actually looking for a personal trainer that is right out of the ’80s, but in most cases, you want to ensure your trainer is up-to-date with the fitness world. Fitness technology and techniques are constantly changing.

Don’t be left behind!

8) Talk With The Trainer

There is no other way to truly find a trainer that is right for you, other than by talking with him or her face to face. Finding advice on trainers from others is only the first step. Don’t jump to quick conclusions until you make your own!

9) Make Sure They Are Certified and Insured

You may not believe it, but there are a lot of unqualified personal trainers out there. Always make sure that you carry out a background check on the personal trainer that you are about to hire. This can easily be done online as all personal trainers have to be registered with a professional body and also carry professional indemnity insurance. Ask to see their certificates of qualifications. You would not trust someone to operate on you unless they were a qualified doctor. So why trust someone with helping you get your body fit and trim unless they are qualified.

10) Money Does Not Always Buy the Best

Nothing in life is ever truly free, but make sure you aren’t getting scammed out of your money either. The best personal trainer will charge rates that reflect his/her own actions and commitment.

Don’t pay more than you need to!

11) Most Importantly Know Your Limitations

Don’t be bullied into doing exercises that are not suitable for you as this can lead to serious injuries. Know your own body’s limitations especially if you are new to exercise or are recovering from ill health or injury. If it hurts then stop and tell your trainer, do not push yourself to the point of excruciating pain or exhaustion. A good personal trainer should take a full and complete medical health history so that he is aware of your physical health and will, therefore, be able to prescribe a program that is suitable for you and you only as no two persons are alike.

If you truly want to make this year a special one, in that you follow your New Year’s fitness resolution to the end, it is important to have a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will guide you through your fitness quest and match workout routines to your own needs and abilities. Finding the perfect personal trainer is not as hard as it seems. By following these guidelines, you can find the best match for you and have the body condition of your dreams.

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