Fazia Ouhla

Fazia Ouhla

CFO of UB Fitness

Fazia is a mathematical wizard & financial guru with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship & philanthropy. Fazia runs her own successful businesses & dedicates a lot of effort to helping her community in various roles.

About Fazia

Fazia Ouhla is the CFO & co-founder of UB Fitness.

London born & raised to East Indian/ Guyanese parents, Fazia distinguishes herself as a business leader & the best that this diverse city has to offer.

Managing businesses, engaging with people & developing communities has been Fazia’s lifetime work which continues through UB Fitness.

About UB Fitness

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Fazia’s wealth of experience & connections help UB Fitness avoid many of the traps other startups fall into while providing a bedrock to build on.

“In the 21st century it is necessary to maintain a fine balance between the needs of people, the business, the community & the wider world. Technology has proven itself to be a force for both good or evil, so compassionate leadership is required. This is the reason I created UB Fitness.”

Fazia Ouhla. CFO

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