About Deon Colis

Deon Colis

CEO of UB Fitness

Deon is an accomplished athlete & fitness professional with over 10 years of competitive experience. Deon has also worked with professional coaches & private clients from across the world.

About Deon

Deon Colis is the CEO & co-founder of UB Fitness.

Guyana born in 1986 & London raised, Deon has always shown a passion for all things sport.

By 18, Deon had run track, played competitive softball, college basketball & { american} football for the London Warriors. At 18 Deon was scouted by the NFL’s International Player Development Program where he spent the next 6 years playing in Spain, Germany & Tampa Bay, Florida.

About UB Fitness

Row of UB Fitness characters doing sports

From a young age he was passionate about sports & it was that competitive attitude that provided the enthusiasm to start his own company…UB Fitness.

“It has been a long road with many hard days & late nights but the joy of seeing people around the world discovering new ways to be active makes everything worthwhile. Technology has only just begun to impact fitness & will continue to do so in ways we could never imagine.”

Deon Colis. CEO

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