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Davide Alfonsi – Owner of Ki-force Fitness

Davide Alfonsi

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What is your background?

It all started in a small town below the snowy mountains of Italy where a cute boy was born in 1989. A few years later, after enjoying too much delicious Italian treats, that boy was already really overweight and decided that playing Pokémon was better than playing sports. This went on till the age of sixteen when that little boy got tired of being bullied and wanted to hookup with girls, just like all his friends were doing. That’s when he stepped his first foot inside the iron jungle: the gym. It was love at first sight and the better the boy got the more he wanted. In less than six months he lost six stones and built a good body. All his friends were so impressed by his transformation that they wanted him to coach them. So he studied the science he had applied on himself and his friends and one step at a time he became known not anymore as the Pokémon geek, but as the muscle geek of his little town. 

Though that wasn’t enough for the boy, he wanted more attention, more validation and that’s when he had a brilliant idea: let’s get naked on stage on get paid for that…and that’s how his new career as a stripper became. The boy was craving attentions like no other and he knew that the better his body would get the more dancer or modelling jobs he would find and that’s why he always kept on training and improving his knowledge. But Italy was too closed minded for him and he wanted a more adventurous toy park to play, so he decided to move to the mighty capital of the United Kingdom: London. 

Davide Alfonsi

Oh I forgot to mention that meanwhile the boy was achieving all those great accomplishments he also got a degree in economics with top grades and two PT qualifications back in Italy, but those were just pieces of paper, the only things the boy was really proud of were his muscles.

Once in London the beast was ready to be unleashed. In a few months time the boy became the official mascot of a celebrity night club and he also found several jobs as a dancer and fitness model. It was heaven, the boy could experience a lifestyle that he believed possible only in movies. He would be partying with celebrities, getting invited to exclusive villas in Ibiza or going absolutely crazy at some fetish club. But if you play with fire sooner or later you get burnt. One night the boy lost consciousness and woke up in a bathtub filled with his own blood that was leaking from his gut.

Abusing one’s body has a price.…and he had to pay that price with blood. But that wasn’t the end, the doctors saved his life, cut his belly in half and extracted the devil from within him.…and a new person was born.

Enlightened by the terrible experience the boy decided to quit all his jobs and friends and went on a journey to find himself. He started meditating and he read books about self-improvement, he worked on his body and on his mind to become stronger and wiser than ever before.

At that point he knew what was the next step to take: using his experience and his knowledge to help people change their life by using the same exact techniques he used on himself…and that’s how Ki-force has born.

Davide Alfonsi

Can you describe Davide for us?

I’m a Gemini, clever, stable, responsible, loving, caring and very very patient…but with a dark, funny and malicious side that is always knocking at the door. I am a born entrepreneur, I have never done anything in my whole life that I didn’t like and I am seriously bad at taking orders. Every single time I wanted to achieve something I went all in and did everything that was in my power to master that particular skill. I am a real grinder and I almost never relax…probably because if I relax I end up falling asleep since my body is constantly recovering from my killer workouts. Oh and did I mention already that I love attention?

Davide Alfonsi

What made you want to make the funniest fitness channel on earth?

I have been practicing, coaching and watching fitness for more than twelve years and I keep on seeing the exact same things: people trying to show off their bodies, talking as the expert and showing the world that they’re better because they are more dedicated. I have one single word: BORING. Yes I do eat my eight clean meals a day, every day. Yes I do my two hours of training a day, six days a week almost killing myself every single time. Yes I take 15 different supplements every single day. Yes I measure my weight and every single part of my body and I send them to my coach every week. So what? I do it because I like it, it’s my lifestyle but that doesn’t make me less human.
With my channel I want to destroy all the stereotypes of fitness celebrities that at my eyes just look like a bunch of bankers(*) and show to the world that we fitness people are human. We crave cookies, we perv on girls, we have fun, we pee and poop and we also derk off(*)…at least I do and I’m not scared of making fun of myself.

The fitness industry is not entertaining anymore and I am here to change that.

What’s your favourite YouTube channel?

Broscience by Dom Mazzetti. He’s my hero and he’s half Italian, that says everything.

What were the difficulties you faced when you decided to stop the party lifestyle?

Ah man…imagine being a foreigner and having to give up on all the friends, all the jobs and all the partners you had. You got a picture now? Imagine doing that with a six inch scar on your tummy and zero muscles left. The only thing I could do was fitness and that really saved my life and gave me a sense of purpose.…and as always I went all in.

How did you maintain it?

You cannot stop an addiction, you can only replace it. I was partying because I wanted validation, by meditating I realised that I could get the same feeling from many different things and I channeled all that energy into business. No wonder I built a very successful business in a very short time and I even ended up training a bunch of UK top 500 celebrities. As soon as my PT business became stable I needed a new challenge and now I have my channel, but I also wrote a book that will be published in 2017 and I will start competing in a natural fitness federation next year. You know what they say?

A busy person is a happy person, that’s how you maintain it.

Davide Alfonsi

Any advice for people that want to make a drastic change in lifestyle?

Do not try to stop something, whether is binge eating, drinking, smoking, gambling, cheating or even World of Warcraft. You brain is used to channeling a huge amount of energy in a certain direction and you need to find something that will give you the same feeling that you get from the behaviours you want to stop. Find something you like and get freaking good at it. The initial phase is always the hardest and I truly believe that hiring someone to help you and keep you accountable is a must. A life coach, business coach or PT are definitely a good place to start. I’m sorry but I’m such a great salesman.

Tell us about the Ki-force method.

I use an ebook with videos that I wrote myself with my clients to tackle the mental aspect of every transformation. Everyone is different so I make sure I find what is truly important for my clients before starting with training and nutrition. I need to know what drives you and once I know that we can start to set up realistic goals. I never give people a diet but I gradually build healthy habits using a food journal. With my system every session is like being at university since I want my clients to understand how their body reacts to a very little change. My training is mainly body sculpting through isolation and compound movements, and it is insanely hard but I am a great motivator.

I am obsessed with tracking and I measure, every single thing that can give me an insight about the improvements my clients are achieving. But more than anything I am a friend and a joker and nothing like an hour with me can turn your day around.

Davide Alfonsi

What services do you offer?

Remember my philosophy? I only do one thing but I do it well. I only do radical body transformations for people that want to achieve a great change in life. I help you by changing your body, reducing stress and boosting your confidence to the stratosphere.

Who are they aimed at?

I am based in Angel Islington and since you might need to see me a lot I think you should be living in the London area.

Davide Alfonsi

How can people get more information on you?

Check all my medias, I’m all over the place.

Are you the same in your videos as when you’re training someone?
Oh yea but I also smell good.

One thing that you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting out?

Daniel Priestly is one of my mentors and he said this once: stop consuming, start creating. At that point I stopped watching TV, videos and reading the news, instead I started filming myself and writing. In eight months I tripled my income, wrote two books and got over 10k likes on my page. Can you imagine if I’d started doing those things ten years ago? I would be more famous than Justin Bieber.

What apps do you use?

Headspace for meditation.
I have four different note apps, I am insanely organised.
Google notes, I have my life on it.
Social Media, all of them
Diptic: amazing for before and after pics

What do you never leave home without?
I am more prepared than a marine going to war. I always have with me at least two meals, a trigger point ball, gym clothing, charger, another charger and a charging unit…and a good amount of cash.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Coco pops
Jessica Alba in a bathtub filled with almond milk and coco pops.…but actually I wouldn’t feel guilty at all with those two.
Sicilian Cannoli those are a true guilty pleasure.

Davide Alfonsi

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose and why?

Shape shifting like Mystique from X men. Imagine being able to transform into Megan Fox and going to a lesbian party.

Thanks to Davide for answering our questions we wish him bundles of success and may his Jessica Alba, almond milk and coco pops bathtub wish come true. Be sure to keep up with him and Ki-force method below:

[Message from the editor – a couple of words had to be slightly altered and are displayed with a (*) symbol. Davide, my sincere apologies, I had to cover my harse as this is a family show, I hope you’re not too flicked off with the amendments.]

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