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Darren Cutler – Owner and Training Provider @ Fit2The Core Training Systems

Darren Cutler - Fit2The Core Training Systems

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Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?

I am from Co.Durham and am now 40 years of age. I have always been into physical activity and have been involved in the Martial Arts since the age of 12. I have previously worked in the fitness industry in various roles, but have spent the past 10 years working in the Prison Service. Last year I decided to return to the industry I love and the opportunity arose for me to go part-time in my job. Needless to say there was no hesitation and I set up Fit2The Core Training Systems as a part-time business. Since then demand has been unreal, with word-of-mouth recommendations increasing demand beyond my expectations! I am now leaving the prison service to concentrate fully on developing the Fit2The Core project.

Darren Cutler - Fit2The Core Training Systems

What are you qualified in?

Personal Fitness Training, Advanced Sports Nutrition, Thai-Bo, Mid-Section Training, Self Defence, Tai Chi Chuan, Advanced Karate, Exercise Referral for Disease Management, Nutrition for Health, Nutrition Advisor, Foundation Studies in Exercise, First Aid, DBS Enhanced Cleared.

I am also a 3rd year degree student currently studying sports psychology, having completed modules in Strength & Conditioning Science in Practise, Health Sciences Psychology.

Describe your morning routine.

I have 2 kids, so morning is spent getting them ready for school before my attention turns to planning the day! I do prep for my 1-2-1 and group sessions during the previous evening so everything is ready to go once I open the studio. I’m fortunate in so much as the majority of my clients are on long-term program designs, so their sessions are fairly consistent.

What’s it like?

Hectic! It’s usually lunch time before I have time to re-group and that usually involves my own training session.

Darren Cutler - Fit2The Core Training Systems

What made you start Fit2The Core Training Systems?

Fit2The Core Training Systems came about by accident really. One ore two people that were training elsewhere began to ask me for advice on training methods and safe training practises. They were going to a local ‘bootcamp’ style gym and suffering from common recurring injuries associated with poor technique and over-training. I then agreed to take a few on as clients. This re-ignited my passion for helping people to safely achieve their maximum potential and Fit2The Core Training Systems was born, with the mission to improve the quality of personal training in the area! This remains my mission, which is why I have developed the Fit2The Core Training Systems: Coaching Program in conjunction with Active IQ.

What is Fit2The Core Training Systems?

Fit2The Core Training Systems is a combination of scientifically informed training methods designed to promote safe and effective exercise.

Who is it aimed at?

Exercise professionals that want to develop their knowledge of exercise science and become renowned for result based training, Personal Trainers looking to offer ‘body transformation’ programs and Gym/Facility owners that want to improve the services they offer customers whilst increasing revenue, as well as anyone that wants to achieve their optimal fitness safely.

What is a main objective with Fit2The Core Training Systems?

To make safe, effective and affordable science-based exercise solutions accessible to as many people as possible.

You’ve had open heart surgery during your studies. Well done for getting through it and continuing to have a positive mental attitude. Can you tell us a little about this?

In 1999 I had septicaemia as a result of having a wisdom tooth removed, this required 3 months in hospital and was obviously a very worrying time.

One thing, however, that stayed with me was being told by medical staff that my fitness levels saved my life! Basically, I would not have made it to hospital if I did not exercise to the level I was.

As soon as I was discharged I resumed exercise, building up my fitness as much as I could as I was due to undergo a police fitness test. I successfully passed the test 3 months later, only to then be told that I required Heart surgery to repair damage left from the infection.

I underwent open heart surgery in December 1999 to repair a cavity in the wall of my heart, which coincided with my studies toward my very first fitness qualification (Foundation Studies in Exercise). Rather than delay or quit the course, I designed my own cardio rehab program for the practical assessment. I continue to suffer from a condition called endocarditis (where a blood infection attacks the heart) and aim to promote awareness of the condition through work I carry out with the British Heart Foundation.

What differences are there (physically/ mentally) with people who have had open heart surgery to those that haven’t?

Physically, Heart Patients need to adapt their training methods somewhat. It is not a good idea to lift ‘heavy’ as it places too much stress on the muscle and any activity which involves impact to the chest should be avoided. Mentally, it can affect different people in different ways. Some view it as a barrier to training altogether in case they cause damage whilst others value the benefits of exercise to encouraging repair and subsequent health.

Darren Cutler - Fit2The Core Training Systems

Have any advice for anyone who is currently supporting a patient who is going through similar situation?

Encourage them to listen to their body, Heart Patients generally have great awareness of what feels right/wrong during exercise. Also encourage them to push themselves, as long as progression is safe and controlled Heart Patients can achieve great fitness levels. Also focus on the positives of exercise, explain the physiological adaptions achieved during exercise and how they will improve the patient’s quality of life.

What would you most like to accomplish?

I’d love Fit2The Core Training Systems to become a household name with coaches available nationwide, as this would mean that I have achieved my goal of making safe and effective scientifically-informed training methods accessible.

Darren Cutler - Fit2The Core Training Systems

What are your most and least favourite exercises?

People usually look at me like I’m from the planet Zog when I say this, but I love leg day! Split Squats are my favourite exercise as they activate all of the larger muscle groups, which is key to targeting the metabolic rate. I also love pad-work in any form! Least favourite is long-duration running, I value it’s importance as part of an overall training strategy but don’t enjoy it.

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

The power to function without sleep! (Invincibility would also be nice.)

Thanks to Darren for doing this interview with UB Fitness. We wish him much success with his great work with the British Heart Foundation and Fit2The Core Training Systems. Be sure to follow him below:

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