10 of the Best CrossFit Gyms in Moscow

10 of the Best CrossFit Gyms in Moscow

CrossFit is a high energy way to get both body & mind fit. The gyms below follow the CrossFit methodology in Moscow so why not try out a class today?

1. Natrium CrossFit

A CrossFit & functional training in the center of Moscow. Featuring an excellent team of coaches & all of the necessary equipment.

Dubininskaya ul., 55, стр. 7
Moskva, Russia, 115054

Phone +7 926 451-07-65
E-mail natriumcf@gmail.com


2. MSK CrossFit & Fight Club

Forget what you think a regular fitness club is. At MSK CrissFit you will call yourself to battle & we’ll see to it that it’s an honest one. Looking back, you will see the path traveled through weakness & sweat, & every day you will become better than the day before.

Bersenevskaya nab., 8с1
Moskva, Russia, 119072

Phone +7 495 150-02-90
E-mail hello@mskcrossfit.ru


3. Neskuchny CrossFit

Featuring a variety of CrossFit instruction & support.

ul. Ordzhonikidze, 11
Moskva, Russia, 115419

Phone +7 925 870 51 51 or +7 926 426 34 33


4. Dozen CrossFit Club Moscow

A premium CrossFit club with an excellent coaching staff, effective training conditions & professional equipment designed for training beginners to advanced athletes.

Savvinskaya nab., 23
Moskva, Russia, 119435

Phone +74957405712
E-mail 12crossfit@gmail.com


5. Zawod CrossFit

The dictionary defines a ‘plant’ as an industrial enterprise with a mechanized production process. Zawod is not just a sports hall with a great CrossFit program & some certificates. They are the ‘Fitness Plant’.

Khodynsky Boulevard, 4, 3rd floor
Above the OBI shop
Moscow, Russia, 125167

Phone +7 495 642-49-45 or +7 495 642-49-50
E-mail info@zawodcrossfit.ru


6. Reebok CrossFit Krylatsky

Featuring a variety of hard training classes including CrossFit.

Krylatskaya ul., 15
Moskva, Russia, 121614

Phone +7 495 287 07 87


7. CrossFit Geraklion

Featuring a qualified coaching staff & clients receive professional help from the best CrossFit trainers in Moscow. All instructors are certified & instruction is developed by them.

Sosnovaya alleya, 1
Moskva, Russia, 125367

Phone +7 499 401 02 37
E-mail info@geraklionsport.ru


8. CrossFit ZigZag

To all who dream of a firmer, tighter body or the strength & endurance worthy of an Olympic athlete, come to club Crossfit ZigZag! Full training is waiting for you in a well-equipped gym.

кс, Kashirskoye sh., 3к2с9
Moskva, Russia, 115230

Phone +7 495 132 04 30
E-mail crossfitzigzag@gmail.com


9. CrossFit Idol

Currently the largest CrossFit arena in Russia, with a club area of 1500 meters. This hall was constructed with knowledge of fitness & a sincere love of the sport. The hall has frames on either side & all the necessary training equipment. Featuring 20 Concept rowing machines, 15 Concept SkiErg ski simulators & Assault AirBike exercise bikes.

ul. Lavochkina, 23
Moskva, Russia, 125502
Phone +7 495 120 08 04
E-mail lav@crossfitidol.ru

Nagatinskaya ul., 1
Moskva, Russia, 117105
Phone +7 495 120 08 06
E-mail nag@crossfitidol.ru


10. Soyuz CrossFit

A union of people with one common interest, their love of CrossFit. Their entire team are pros in the business, using modern training methods to achieve goals, sports victories, physical improvement & a healthy generation.

The club is 1000 square meters with a 350m CrossFit zone divided into 2 parts, allowing 2 groups to run at the same time. A 250m gymnastics zone equipped with specialized gymnastic equipment for children (artistic, gymnastics, trampoline) + gymnastics for CrossFit fitness programs. A 100m weightlifting zone with platforms for group & personal training. Plus a 100m area with power frames & free weights where everyone can get pumped up.

3-y Perova Polya pr-d, 8с8
Moskva, Russia, 111141

Phone +8 967 002 29 17
E-mail zal@soyuzcrossfit.ru


If you know of another great CrossFit gym that isn’t listed above, let us know & we’ll add it to our next list.


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