10 of the Best CrossFit Gyms in Houston

10 of the Best CrossFit Gyms in Houston

CrossFit is a challenging, high-energy method of getting fit & keeping active. The facilities below specialize in the CrossFit methodology in Houston, so why not check out a class today?

1. CrossFit Memorial Houston

A fitness facility located in the Memorial neighborhood of Houston, TX. Come in to get leaner, faster & stronger. stop by for a free class & see for yourself. Featuring a 15,700 sqft facility with 2 pull-up rigs, jerk boxes, kettlebells, Olympic bars, slam balls, Concept 2 rowers, Plyo boxes, 2 large shop fans & lots of other fun equipment. Coaches strive to keep members safe in a fun, healthy, positive environment.

1105 Upland Dr, Suite N
Houston, TX 77043

Phone 713-487-8543
E-mail info@crossfitmemorialhouston.com


2. ​CrossFit Roughnecks

A facility dedicated to a higher level of fitness & competence. Training their clients & themselves to be physically & mentally capable of overcoming anything that is placed in front of them. Working bodies & minds every day to become stronger, more flexible & to adapt to the surroundings. By not following a specific routine or doing the same exercises, it allows the body to constantly change & grow based on the task in front of it.

1600 Commerce St
Houston, TX 77002

Phone 281-705-0995
E-mail alex@crossfitroughnecks.com


3. CrossFit Eado

A community of people empowering others to experience a life transformation using fitness.

955 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX 7700

Phone 832-409-3236
E-mail info@crossfiteado.com


4. CrossFit Central Houston

A community of members who encourage, support & hold each other accountable for fitness goals. Each new member is presented with our ‘House Rules’ emphasizing the culture that you will find there.

8624 Stella Link Rd
Houston, TX 77025

Phone 832-474-5232 or 713-444-1277
E-mail info@crossfitcentralhouston.com


5. CrossFit Houston

A family environment where their motto is ‘Quality over quantity, stay humble or be humbled’ & their focus is to help you set & exceed your goals. Aldo offering a variety of classes & services.

716 Telephone Rd.
Houston, TX 77023

Phone 832-265-8195
E-mail lisa@crossfithouston.com


6. Clutch CrossFit

Group fitness classes are ‘constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement’. Their goal is to help people run farther, move more weight, do more push-ups, flip a tire faster, while maintaining proper form & technique.

5707 Schumacher Ln
Houston, TX 77057

Phone 281-793-9493
E-mail clutchcrossfit@gmail.com


7. Vintage CrossFit

Focusing on providing quality coaching for all levels of athletes. They cap their classes at 15 people to ensure members receive quality coaching & feedback. Also offering yoga, endurance & open gym classes.

4205 Center St
Houston, TX 77007

Phone 713-489-0610
E-mail info@vintagecrossfit.com


8. AllSport CrossFit

A strength & conditioning program that is constantly varied, using functional movements performed at high intensity. Universal movements that are found in everyday life. There are natural, safe & efficient ways of moving external objects & they are essential to maintaining a fine quality of life. CrossFit training can benefit people of all ages.

3314 W Main St
Houston, Texas 77098

Phone 713-304-0009
E-mail info@allsportcrossfit.com


9. Bayou City CrossFit

Striving to help all walks of life achieve their lifestyle & fitness goals via top-notch training, a tight knit fitness community & a focus on helping you. Not your ordinary gym, nor will we take you through an ordinary workout.

3622 Golf
Houston, TX 77018

E-mail info@bayoucitycrossfit.com


10. CrossFit Derive

A 3,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Museum District of Houston. Specializing in group & personal training utilizing the CrossFit methodology, performing constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity.

3900 Almeda Road
Houston, Texas 77004

Phone 281-417-8718
E-mail info@crossfitderive.com


If you know of another great CrossFit gym that isn’t listed above, let us know & we’ll add it to our next list.


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