10 of the Best CrossFit Gyms in Auckland

10 of the Best CrossFit Gyms in Auckland

CrossFit is an amazing, intense method of getting yourself fit & keeping your body active. The gyms below specialize in the CrossFit methodology in Auckland, go check out a class today!

1. CrossFit Auckland

North Shore’s original CrossFit® gym established in 2008. Each day their members break barriers & set new standards for themselves. They are welcoming to anyone with the right attitude to share their journey & become a part of their amazing CrossFit Auckland community.

CrossFit Auckland North Shore
19C Triton Drive, Rosedale
Auckland 0632
Phone 021 191 0091

CrossFit Auckland Central
22 Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
Phone 021 028 45451

E-mail office@crossfitauckland.com


2. ​CrossFit New Zealand

The very first CrossFit affiliate in New Zealand & recognised around the world for excellence. Providing a supportive environment with an emphasis on learning & mastery. They are more a school, more than a gym.

19 Thomas Peacock Pl
St Johns, Auckland 1072

Phone 0508 277738
E-mail info@crossfitnz.co.nz


3. CrossFit Newmarket

Offering a facility for training in the heart of Newmarket, using the CrossFit program like no other gym or training studio can. Featuring 3000 kilograms of bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbells, climbing ropes, Concept 2 rowing machines, Assault Air Bikes & over 90 feet of pull up bars, with over 350 square metres of floor space.

16 Morgan Street,
Newmarket, Auckland 1023

Phone 021 850 168
E-mail jason@crossfitnewmarket.co.nz


4. CrossFit OFB

No previous CrossFit experience is necessary to join. Get in touch with them & they will explain the fundamental movements & concepts of CrossFit. This will prepare you for CrossFit classes so you can carry out each movement safely & efficiently.

39B Rennie Drive
Airport Oaks

Phone +64 21 867 774
E-mail info@crossfitofb.co.nz


5. AndFit CrossFit

Passionate about offering a quality CrossFit program, conditioning classes, massage therapy & a strong community of hard working people. People united in their love of challenging themselves.

8 Shaddock Street
Eden Terrace
Auckland 1021

strong>Phone 027 426 3781 or 021 311 556
E-mail info@andfit.co.nz


6. Reebok CrossFit 09

Their classes are conducted in small groups under the close eye of an experienced coach. During classes, you will learn about virtuosity of movement, how to move & the reasons behind each concept. Their coaches are not cheerleaders or rep counters, they are there to perfect & correct movement, to encourage you to try new things & to keep you safe.

Featuring an exceptional facility with best barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, slamballs, deadballs, rings, yokes, axle bars, skipping ropes, sleds & more.

1/118 Asquith Avenue
Mt Albert, Auckland

Phone 0508 277738
E-mail krista@crossfit09.co.nz


7. CrossFit East Auckland

Helping you recognise & face challenges while ensuring your success. They know what they do works & want to see it work for you. Whether you are interested in training, nutrition or lifestyle, their environment & community will help motivate, inspire & get you there. Their coaches are qualified, experienced & passionate.

CrossFit East Auckland Howick
Unit E, 249 Moore Street
Howick, Auckland 2014

CrossFit East Auckland Ellerslie
Unit B, 161-163 Marua Road
Ellerslie, Auckland 1051

Phone 0800 CFEA 129
E-mail info@cfea.co.nz


8. CrossFit HPU

No matter what where you come from, or what your fitness level, they can help you get fit.

186 Victoria Street West
Auckland 1042

Phone 021 722524 or 021 826 453
E-mail tgmichaels@xtra.co.nz


9. CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby

Changing lives by teaching simple nutritional habits, while following smart & safe training principles. Their focus is on providing a group training environment, providing accountability & motivation while training with friends. They will help you reach your goals, whether that are loosing extra kilos, getting stronger, becoming more confident, or just looking good naked.

1 Prosford Street
Auckland 1011

E-mail info@crossfitquattro.com


10. Southern Latitude CrossFit

An introduction to all things CrossFit. Learn their training method designed to make you a more flexible, durable, stronger & faster athlete. They will also introduce you to nutrition & lifestyle plans that will help create the best version of you.

10 Clayton St
Newmarket, Auckland 1023

Phone +64 9-523 0276
E-mail info@southernlatitudecrossfit.co.nz


If you know of another great CrossFit gym that isn’t listed above, let us know & we’ll add it to our next list.


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