How to Convince Your Partner to Exercise

How to Convince Your Partner to Exercise

Dating someone who doesn’t exercise can be a challenge in itself, but trying to encourage them to be more active is an entirely different matter.

We believe that couples who train together stays together.

Training with someone you share a strong connection with can be fun, energetic and motivating. The energy and connection you both transfer to each other can strengthen any relationship.

It’s a fair statement to say that most men find women who train and exercise very attractive. The problem is that when men think of exercising they think of gym and weight training. Many women do not like weight training and this can turn them off exercising all together.

Men asking their partners to “join a gym” will not only make her think (“does he think I am fat”) but will not give her the right motivation or stimulation to make her join a gym.

We suggest getting her to do something empowering, something fun and something that will make her feel good.

Here are 6 fitness activities the lady in your life will hopefully love to try out – and if she does you may just be considered in future as a super thoughtful and caring partner.

1. Cross fit

Super-short (usually 20 minutes or less) and intense. These workouts will push and challenge to your limits but will have you coming back for more. Climbing ropes, sprinting, handstand push-ups and lifting weights are just some of the fun things you have to do. Many of the hardest routes are named after women (Angie, Diane)

2. Female touch rugby

Many women think that rugby is too intense or they think there are not tough enough, but the truth is, there is no typical rugby player. Female rugby players come in all shapes and sizes they are moms, doctors, teachers and CEO’s. Touch rugby encourages women to be strong in a culture that tells you to be delicate.

3. Spin class

High, intense, heart-pumping cardio with low impact, full-body toning and empowering process that will make you feel unstoppable. You will get the energy you need to give 100 percent the whole workout, pushing yourself to the max is an understatement when it comes to a spin class.

4. Run a marathon

Not everyone can say they’ve ran a marathon. Having the opportunity to run and complete a marathon in one of the most empowering feeling anyone could feel. Running provides an efficient full-body workout, burns a ton of calories, tones the body and provides a great venue for socialising. we suggest starting at with smaller runs like 5k before taking 10k and above.

5. Barre classes

This class is a toning based class done in micro-movements (up an inch, down, an inch) which will target the butt, legs and core so you can bring the sexy back into exercising. “Barre class include comments of Pilates, yoga and ballet,” explains Kate Albarelli the creator of the Figure 4 barre class at Pure Yoga.

6. Barry’s Bootcamp

If she likes clubbing she’ll love the low lights and loud music of this hour-long class. This intense circuit class will empower anyone who dares to try it. Once you attend Barry’s Bootcamp you will never stop talking about it.

Bonus activity

7. Pole dancing classes

Women may feel reluctant to initially try out pole dancing, fortunately times have changed and the seedy reputation that used to be associated with ladies and poles has changed for the better. Pole dancing isn’t only about looking sexy, it very empowering too. Pole dancing improves total body strength, gives women a huge boost in confidence and helps build strong female friendships as women continue to dominate this fitness activity.

Have we missed one out? Be sure to mention it in the comments below.


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