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BMX Experts

If you wish to take part in an Expert Session you will have already completed a BMX Induction and have been graded by the coach as an Expert rider. ( TNT Red or Black )

The Experts Session

The aim of the Experts Session is to cater for Regional and National Level Riders to develop all aspects of the riders ability from technical drills and physical development.

The Cost

The cost of this 2hr Experts Session is £10.00 or £8.00 TNT Club Members (Red and Blue) A session can be booked by calling reception on 01474 831400

Payment must be made when booking the session and no refunds will be offered if you unable to make the session.


If you are using your own BMX please note that the bike must be in good working order and does not have stunt pegs. Please note that the coach has the right to refuse access to the session should the bike not be in good working order.

A Full Face Helmet and long fingered gloves must be worn during this session.

A Full Face Helmet and long fingered gloves can be hired from reception at a cost of £2.00 with a £10.00 deposit.

A BMX can be hired from reception at a cost of £8.00 for a Child and £12.00 for an Adult with a £50.00 deposit

Long sleeve tops and long trousers must be worn as well as suitable footwear for the activity.

All bike hire should be paid for on the evening of use.


Riders using their own BMX will be expected to arrive no later than 10mins prior to the start of the session. Riders wishing to hire a BMX will be required to arrive no later than 20 mins prior to the start of the session.

The start time of the Expert Session is 7.00-9.00pm riders turning up late for the session will not be permitted entry and be required to re book with Reception.


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