10 of the Best Places to Play Basketball in Toronto

10 of the Best Places to Play Basketball in Toronto

Joining a basketball league is a great way to get fit, meet new people & give yourself a competitive edge.

1. Toronto Pan Am Sports Center Adult Basketball League

TPASC Basketball Leagues provide world-class facilities & amenities. Including an online registration system & professional customer service, plus online schedules, standings & statistics. Whether you are a rookie looking for a relaxed game or an advanced player looking for real competition; TPASC has what you are looking for.

They offer the complete experience, including customizable game schedules, team & player stats with live online game stats displaying up-to-the minute statistics.

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
875 Morningside Ave
Toronto, ON M1C 0C7

Phone 416-283-5222
E-mail info@trasc.ca or rxavier@trasc.ca


2. Toronto Recreational Sports League

The TRSL was created to provide recreational sports to adults living & working in the Yonge & Eglinton community. TRSL sports are recreational, co-ed, non-contact, self-officiated & for adults. All TRSL field/gym locations are as close as possible to the Yonge & Eglinton area. Men & women can sign-up as groups or individuals.

Play at multiple locations in the greater Toronto area.

Phone 416-667-8775
E-mail info@trsl.ca


3. Basketball World Toronto

Their mission is to develop the best basketball programs & players in Toronto, for the love of the game. Basketball World Toronto’s vision is to develop grassroots basketball by combining program participation & basketball knowledge to enhance the game. They want to create a positive basketball culture with professional programs & training for anyone who participates.

188 Eglinton Ave E #804
Toronto, ON M4P 2X7

Phone 416-889-8727 or 647-444-4298
E-mail info@bwt.ca


4. Toronto Sport & Social Club

Offer a variety of indoor basketball leagues. Play games in a variety of locations around the greater Toronto area.

Phone 416-781-4263
E-mail info@torontossc.com


5. Megacity Basketball

Offer a variety of ways to play basketball, from competitive leagues to recreational games. Play games in a variety of locations around the greater Toronto area.

Phone 647-823-6342
E-mail general@megacitybasketball.com


6. Toronto Parks Forestry & Recreation Drop-in Basketball

Play games in a variety of locations around the greater Toronto area.

Phone 416-392-2489
E-mail 311@toronto.ca


7. Hoop Dome

HoopDome is a multi gymnasium basketball only facility at Downsview Park. The 42,000 square foot has been open since March 30, 2007 & addresses the growing demand for basketball in Toronto.

75 Carl Hall Rd.
Unit #17
Toronto, Ontario
M3K 2B9

Phone 416-633-4667
E-mail tbadner@hoopdome.com


8. Toronto Basketball League

Established in May 2014, Toronto Basketball League brings a new spin to adult basketball in Toronto. TBL is the first member of the Toronto Recreational Sports brand. They run 3-on-3 basketball in the heart of Toronto & their 3-on-3 league format is one of the things that make them unique.

Toronto Recreational Sports
262 Wilson Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M3H 1S6

Phone 800-275-5099


9. TBA Basketball League

TBA League began with a vision of providing a place for youths from different communities to get together & make connections through organized basketball games. Today they offer men’s, women’s & youth’s competitive basketball games for players from various communities in the GTA. The league is professionally managed by dedicated people who love the sport.

E-mail tbaleague@aol.com


10. Annex Basketball Men’s League

Offer regular season play with playoffs & all games are officiated by a TABO certified official. They aim to provide a safe, competitive season of adult basketball.

Royal St George’s College
120 Howland Avenue
Toronto, ON M5

Phone 416-695-4322
E-mail peter@annexbasketball.com


If you’re a member at a basketball club that’s not listed above, let us know and we’ll add it to our next list.


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