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Arriane Eva Morrin – Owner of AEM Health and Fitness

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

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Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?

I am a Health, Wellness & Fitness Professional specialized in childhood obesity prevention & intervention based in London, United Kingdom. Hailing from Montpellier, South France, I was blessed to live a pleasant childhood with a loving family. An unfortunate chain of events led me to discovering my true passion and purpose in life: helping others better their lives. Although I lost my beloved sister and mother to breast cancer and my father to a brain stroke, I kept on moving forward. Even personally defeating death on two occasions didn’t deter me from what I was meant to do.

From that point forward, I rigorously studied at the European Institute of Fitness to become not only a Coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, but also a Group Fitness Instructor for adults and children with Bellyfit & The Jungle Body.

A few years later I decided to specialize my work and became a REPS Approved Obesity Prevention & Intervention Specialist for children 7-16 at AEM Health and Fitness_Kids.

I deliver 1:1 transformation programmes for children who need help to lose weight and change their lifestyle. These programmes are available in West London and/or online. Our Programme TransformKids is an educational – holistic – transformative for a healthier and happier childhood.

A couple of few later I realized there was a real need in my Community for helping children and their families towards a healthier and happier lifestyle and created Foundation Nutrition Trust.

We provide children & their parents with nutrition and health advice, guidance, support and tools. We deliver fun interactive workshops and presentations focused on tackling obesity in local children. Raising awareness of healthy eating and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

You’re the founder & director of Foundation Nutrition Trust. What made you start this organisation and what are your main objectives?

I felt there was a huge demand in our Community for additional community help.

Our projects have been projects Awards for All partly funded which allows us in turn to make these services available at a very low contribution fee. Something they would not be able to afford if these services were delivered privately.

Our organisation, Foundation Nutrition Trust, and its projects aim at promoting fitter healthier lifestyles for children and their families in our Community.
Foundation Nutrition Trust delivers weekly group sessions, fun interactive workshops and presentation focused on tackling obesity in local children. Raising awareness of healthy eating and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

What projects are you working on at them moment?

We are currently working on TransformKids Project starting this January 2017.
It is 12 weeks group transformation programme for overweight and obese children in our Community. The places are limited as we work in a small group.

We are presenting TransformKids Project this November at a launch party.

Join us Saturday 19th November 2016 and get your free kids ticket in advance.

Children will have a chance to try out various fitness activities, participate in some healthy nutrition quizzes and also be part in our Transformkids flash mob SHOW!

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

This is a worthy topic, how can others get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers to give us a hand deliver our projects. You do not have to be a health / fitness professional – although it is very welcome too! We welcome a multi skilled team of volunteers.
We are hoping to roll out our TransformKids project in various boroughs in a near future.

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

You’re also the founder and Children’s Wellness Coach and REPS Approved Obesity Prevention & Intervention Specialist at AEM Health And Fitness.
What are your main objectives?

TransformKids is a programme that I have developed through the years running my private AEM Health and Fitness Kids practise.

The difference between the two is:

  • TransformKids in our Community Project, which is run as a group on specific days in specific locations.
  • TransformKids in our private practise is run on a 1:1 basis, which allows much more flexibility in the scheduling and much more personalized programme. It is available in West London or online.

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

What do you have in place to ensure you’re on target to meet these objectives?

    The Key elements that make our Transformkids programme a success: the fact that it’s educational – holistic – transformative.

  • Educational: during these 12 weeks children and their families we cover the fundamental subjects such as: why it is important to eat and be healthy? What is healthy eating? We provide gradual weekly steps to change to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Holistic: body/mind/ spirit our programme does not only focus on nutrition / exercise but also on understating the transformation mindset, positive mind-set and the bigger picture.
  • Transformative: it’s not a “diet”; it’s a life-changing programme. There is a “fly away” transition programme at the end of the transformation programme which gives them tools and directions to continue doing it all on their own.
  • We do recommend and offer private monthly follow coaching sessions to ease that transition process.

What’s involved in being REPS Approved Obesity Prevention & Intervention Specialist?

Working with children and families with the objective to prevent and transform childhood obesity. The best way to impact children with positive habits and healthy lifestyle habits is while they are young. It’s so much harder to undo existing unhealthy / bad habits once they have been formed. This is why doing the work that I do with AEM Health and Fitness Kids (private) and Foundation Nutrition Trust (community work) and TransformKids programme is crucial!

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

What are the main reasons you believe obesity levels are rising?

    Our lifestyles have dramatically changed:

  • We live in a world where we do not take the time to cook at home anymore or only occasionally for the majority.
  • We do not take the time to sit down and take the time to eat consciously anymore or only occasionally for the majority.
  • Food should not be used as a reward. Too often sadly that is the case with parents nowadays: reaching for a processed snack / sweets.
  • These are things that can be addresses at home with parents: going back to basics of cooking at home, preparing wholesome good food – it does not have to be rocket science. Take the time to sit down and eat (without watching TV/phone/tablet). Reward with other things other than food such as fun activities, favourite game.

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

On a macro level, what can we do as a nation/ race to prevent child obesity?

    Our environment is to blame too!

  • Schools could do more to promote healthy lifestyle:
    Bring back cookery classes maybe?
    Ban all sweets / sugary drinks in school premises.
  • Our children are bombarded by deceiving children food advertising.
    Maybe limiting or taxing these adverts during children viewing times.
  • Our children should be rewarded for being healthy
    Leading by the carrot. We should have more Sponsors and develop more healthy children REWARD programmes.

How can this be filtered down to a micro level?

It is down to everyone to show good example. As the saying says: lead by example.
Make the house / home eaten food a safe and healthy place to raise children. It’s much easier to limit eating unhealthy foods if there are none in the house. It is also creating good habits: grabbing a fruit as a snack instead of biscuits for example. It’s also limiting the sugar /fat taste addiction. The less you eat of these the less you want of these foods.
It’s also showing by example with exercise and activities: walking to local shops whenever possible instead of taking the bus/car.
It’s also getting the children involved in activities in the house / garden.

What skills/ resources would help children lead a healthy lifestyle as an adult?

It is important for children to understand that whatever they do today whether it’s eating / exercising / studying … is directly linked to making of their life. They are truly creating the foundations for the rest of their lives. Like a house: if the foundations are weak, it might not stand during bad weather / hard times.

What’s the best way people can get in touch with you?

Text or call +44797 5904903 or visit my Facebook page or website.

Arriane Eva Morrin founder of AEM Health and Fitness

You’re also a dance/ fitness instructor at Bellyfit International for ladies only and The Jungle Body for adults and Konga kids. How did this come about?
What are your classes like and who are they aimed at?

This comes from my love of dancing. I wanted to share this with a class and I found Bellyfit and The Jungle Body. They are completely opposite programmes but that is why I love teaching both.
I currently teach The Jungle Body in gyms and university studios
I currently teach Bellyfit as part of Fit & Fabulous Ladies Monthly event, which is a great way for women to reconnect with themselves and with others and have a great time!
The next Fit and Fabulous ladies event is Friday 28th October 7pm-9pm and Konga Kids is a great Kids Group Fitness Workout that I have taught in primary schools after class. Great for 6+-year-old boys/girls and you can book online

You’re a very busy person, where do you get your motivation?

I went through some very tough times in my life. I have experienced a lot of pain and sadness due to family illnesses/loss and personal illnesses.
I hope that my experiences and professional skill will help children and their parents avoid what I had to go through and live a happy and healthy life.

What would you most like to accomplish?

I would like to help as many families as possible.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I love fresh strawberries and cream.
Or bananas and dark chocolate.

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose and why?

If I had a superpower I would like to have power to Time travel.
I would do things differently (some of which I share in transformKids programmes) from a young age to save myself pain and time.

Thanks to Arriane for taking the time to answer our questions we wish her much success. Be sure to keep up with her at her events and with AEM Health and Fitness below:

Upcoming Events
Friday 28th October 2016: Fit and Fabulous ladies event

Saturday 19th November 2016: TransformKids launch party

Ongoing: Konga Kids schools after class

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