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Alicja Blachut – Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

Where you can find Alicja and Mash It Up Fitness online:

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?

I’m from Poland and I’ve been in UK 5 years. I dance as a little girl, but then I started to play basketball and played for 10 years, professionally for few years. From love to sport I studied Sports Since and I became Fitness Instructor. I left basketball and went back to dance. Finished Jazz Dance Instructor school and I found my love to dancehall, trying first hip hop, house, jazz, ballet and all sorts of styles. I also worked at school as a PE Teacher for 4 years and I thought most of fitness classes (from pilates to spinning and aqua aerobic).

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

You’re the founder and creative director at Mash It Up Fitness. How did this come about?

Because I came from fitness, I wanted to put together my love for dancing and staying fit as well as making dance available not only for dancers but for regular people. Since I started with fitness my goal and dream was to be a presenter and present at fitness events. It happened after a year being in UK – dreams came true! I present Ragga Dancehall and after that people start asking about the trainings. It took me and my friends to come up with a name, class structure etc but we’ve made it and now we’re working on spreading more and more in UK and Europe.

Now we are presenting MIU in most of UK Fitness Events.

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

Where does your love for ragga dancehall stem from?

When Sean Paul become famous and I still lived in Poland, I’ve heard it at the parties and I couldn’t stop my body! I was watching his videos and learning to dance like his dancers – it wasn’t hard for me, it felt really natural. From there it was only more research, then finding like minded people , creating dance teaching classes.

What are your classes like and who are they aimed at?

Mash It Up Fitness is sweaty and fun class. Of course we love dancehall, our steps are only dancehall steps, only dancehall music, but we are focusing on something else it’s a ‘one love’ atmosphere, feeling that we are together no matter who we are and where are we from. Where everyone can be themselves and where there is no pressure on being perfect. We are also working on toning our legs, butts and abs – just using dancehall steps… and the feeling it brings! The more you express yourself, the more your body is works harder!

Classes were created from regular people to professional dancers – mostly for people at the gym who love to dance but are too scared or intimidated go to dance school. In MIU class they can learn some new moves and work their body.

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

When and where are your next big events?

Everyday we are receiving emails and messages on social media from people asking for classes in their area! Mash It Up Fitness is getting more and more popular.

At the moment most of our instructors are based in UK, we have instructors in Finland, Romania and Poland. Next year we’re moving to Italy and Germany.

You also run Mash It Up Fitness instructor training courses. What’s involved and how can people attend?

The Instructor Training course is a training programme to become a Mash It Up Fitness Instructor. You need to have fitness qualifications (ETM or Level 2) and you need to book your training online via website or links available on social media or website.

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

What other music genres are you into?

I love almost all kind of music. Of course dancehall,soca, hip hop and I love old good r&b. I like alternative, electronic music as well as jazz and classic.

We can find you on most of the social networks, what benefits have you experienced from being active on these sites?

Social media helps a lot with promotion – more people are looking for new opportunities through social media and us posting more about what we do only brings us more followers.

Thank you to all the MIU supporters!

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

Any shoutouts to fellow internet fitness stars we should be following?

Shout to my 2 gorgeous friends and coworkers – Joanne Elizabeth and Sara Fakih. Both amazing dancer and so much more!

You were a fitness model at Miami Pro, tell us a little about this. Any advice for people looking to take this path?

It was decision I’ve made to see what i can do with my body and about discipline ( I always eaten whatever I wanted). It was hard experience, I surprised myself with a discipline. Training was easy – nutrition and rest was the most difficult part. It was amazing but I don’t think I will put my body through this again. I love my healthy lifestyle (or less healthy when I want it that way) and stage presenting wasn’t for me! That was a surprise, specially that I love teaching on the stage at fitness events and I always wanted to be a model. I found out it’s not for me and I admire all my friends who are doing so well in bodybuilding competitions! I wish I could do that and maybe one day I will (probably yummy mummy category now lol) but it will be more relaxed than first time.

For people who are thinking about doing it, just make sure you have loads of support and forget about socialising – unless you’re friends are bodybuilders 🙂

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

You also worked at Gymbox for a while, what are your fondest memories there?

Gym Box was first gym I started to teach Mash It Up Fitness in the form it is now! And even tho Mash It Up it’s not on a timetable, we are training instructors for Gym Box and they’re teaching Ragga Dancehall – which is my Mash It Up concept.
Absolutely love that gym for their amazing fitness concepts and loads possibilities for instructors! Great photo shoots and parties!

The best classes in London!

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

As well as all everything else you do you’re also a yoga instructor at Buti Yoga. What’s your favourite thing about yoga?

Buti Yoga is my second favourite class and Mash It Up and Buti Yoga are the only classes I’m teaching now. Of course I practise yoga when I can but Buti Yoga it’s something else. Perfect combination for me to stretch, tone and move to great playlist!

What motivates you everyday?

It will sound cliche but it’s my daughter. It’s true that since she was born I have more motivation to succeed and I’m working harder – even if she’s taking most of me time. But my motivation are also my parents who always supporting me no matter what and of course my closest family!

We all have days when we just can’t get into the swing of things, what’s your coping mechanism for days like these?

I’ve learn not to push it. I take time off and mind off things – focusing on family or cleaning helps haha. I’m gusting my time to clear my head, focus on important things and then eventually all falls into its place.

Alicja Blachut - Founder of Mash It Up Fitness

What would you most like to accomplish next?

I wish to spread Mash It Up Fitness love and involve more instructors around UK, Europe and world!

Name 3 guilty pleasures.

Chocolate, chips, tv shows 🙂

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

Super-speed – so I can do work super fast and have loads of time to spend with family and friends!

Thanks to Alicja for agreeing to this interview with UB Fitness – all the team wishes her much success and be sure to follow Mash It Up Fitness below:

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