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Adriana Albritton – Founder of A Fit Wellness

Adriana Albritton - A Fit Wellness

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Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?

I reside in New York City but I am originally from Bogota, Colombia – a Spanish speaking country in the northern part of South America.

Adriana Albritton

What are you qualified in?

I have a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and certifications in Personal Training, Fitness Nutrition, as well as in Prenatal, Senior, and Youth training.

That makes me qualified to provide mental health services, fitness training and fitness nutrition coaching.

How long have you been living a healthy lifestyle?

I have always been very physically active but I have been more conscious about maintaining a healthy state, incorporating the nutritional aspect, in the past 5 years.

Tell us a bit about being an NPC Figure Competitor.

Competing is a very challenging experience. Yet, it’s an opportunity to push your own boundaries and keep you focused towards the achievement of a goal. Even though it is quite a difficult process, it is highly rewarding to experience physical transformation to a highest level.

You’ve have some very interesting career roles, mainly working with vulnerable people; from inmates to sexual assault victims to children to name a few. This sounds exceptionally challenging. How do you maintain your frame of mind in these extreme circumstances?

Yes, working with victimized populations is particularly challenging due to the fact of being confronted with stories of abuse and pain on the regular basis. It is necessary to maintain a sense of detachment in order not to be too affected emotionally. The best mindset to have is the continuous internal acknowledgment that you are being a source of comfort and assistance despite your inability to change their circumstances.

You were also a Forensic Mental Health Specialist for 6 years. Tell us a little about this.

Yes, I provided mental health services to individuals involved in the criminal justice system. I worked at the second biggest jail in the US and with organizations that dealt with inmates and people who qualified to receive mental health services instead of incarceration.

I provided assessments, clinical treatment, crisis intervention, as well as psycho-education. The work was very challenging but highly engaging.

What was the most rewarding aspect of this role?

The most rewarding aspect of working with forensic populations is to be able to observe change, to see their light bulb get switched on. Taking into consideration that most inmates reintegrate into the community, a change in negative patterns has a ripple effect for society as a whole. It is also great to be able to be a source of positivity, maybe the only one they ever encountered throughout their life, in a negative, chaotic and violent environment.

Adriana Albritton

Physical fitness and mental agility go hand in hand yet it’s not spoken about much. What can we do to change this?

Absolutely! Physical fitness has a direct effect on our mental ability. It
is primordial to keep a fit body in order to perform at superlative levels mentally. We must continue to reinforce the fact that both aspects are interconnected so people are more conscious of it.

Currently, I am writing a book where I emphasize the importance of a healthy body, as well as a healthy mind, and their interrelatedness in the achievement of superior ways of living.

Why did you leave and decide to start your own company, how did A Fit Wellness come about?

The main factor that evoked the change was my pregnancy and the birth of my son. I wanted something flexible where I could make my own hours. Since I was always active, and even enjoyed training my friends, it was a natural transition to start helping clients to get fit and lose body fat. At the same time, I wanted a break from the heavy and negative energy that accompanies forensic mental health work.

Your motto is “Fitness from the Inside”. Please elaborate.

Having a mental health background, I understand that the mind is a main determinant factor for our emotions and our actions. With that being said, getting fit and healthy is not only about exercising and dieting. Those elements can be affected positively or negatively by our mind, which is why the mindset has to be addressed.

Having thoughts that are positive and engaging towards change, while being aware of sabotaging patterns, can make a real difference.

How long have you been in business for?

Around five years.

What are your main objectives?

By providing coaching, I aim to be a catalyst for change.

With my blog I aim to educate as many people as possible about the importance of being active and having a healthy mind and body.

What services do you offer?

One-on-one personal training and Online Coaching services.

What do you know now that you wished you knew 10 years ago?

I wish I truly believed that I have everything in me to achieve anything I want.

What would you most like to accomplish with A Fit Wellness?

I want to accomplish being a positive influence for all my clients, a catalyst for change, and an informational source for people in order to help reduce the current epidemic of obesity and vicious cycle of sickness.

Adriana Albritton

Any advice for people looking to start their own company?
Believe in yourself, know that you have everything within you to succeed…
You just have to let it flow.

Plus, if you have a valuable service or product, it is your obligation to start your company and succeed. Otherwise, you would be doing a disservice, not only to yourself, but society as well.

What’s a typical day like?

My days vary according to diverse and pending responsibilities. Currently, I write most days out of the week since I am working on my first book. Most days, I do some kind of meditation, listen or watch positive motivational or instructive content, train clients, train myself, do online coaching, write and do videos for my blog and YouTube channel, work on my social media, and spend some time with my son. Once a week, I am also part of a radio show where I spread my message to the Hispanic community in Spanish, Ponte en Forma y Saludable con Adriana.

You have a very informative blog too, what inspires your content for it?

Thank you very much! Mainly taking into consideration clients and their needs, as well as people who reach out to me with questions and concerns, I try to share my knowledge and fill in the gaps. At the same time, I involve major current events, if there are related to my area of expertise.

We all have off days when we’re not as productive as we’d like, how do you deal with days like these?

I try to make everyday a productive way. But if I find myself low in the desire to be productive, I put on some motivational videos or even music that pumps me up. I just push through the barriers. But if really feel blocked and unproductive, I just do something totally unrelated to reset my self. Plus, I do some introspection to realize where the reluctance is coming from.

What do you do in your spare time?

That’s is quite minimal nowadays…lol. I spend time with my little one, and go out with my family and/or friends.

What would you most like to accomplish?

Have a show where my reach is vaster, and later on, maybe a supplement line.

What do you never leave home without?

My phone!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I have a sweet tooth. So, I have some extra calories by eating sweet treats made with healthy ingredients.

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose and why?

Manipulate time. I would be cool to be able to stop time …really enjoy and extend happy joyous moments with loved ones. Or go forward in time in order to learn more about myself and my choices. Also, that would allow me to accomplish even more!

Thanks to Adriana for taking the time to answer our questions we wish her much success with her debut book and be sure to keep up with A Fit Wellness below:

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