10 Fitness Activities For Adults Over 70s

10 Fitness Activities For Adults Over 70s

Keeping active into older age is the key to staying fit, mobile and independent. Check out our list of 10 activities for adults over 70. These activities are ideal if you’re not very active and want to improve your health, lift your mood and remain independent. Before devoting yourself to a new physical and sports activity, it’s necessary to know and consider your abilities.
It’s important to talk about it with a treating doctor or with any sports medicine doctor, in order to verify if the activity is adapted to your health condition.


1.Being Outdoors

Seniors who enjoy being outside may find fishing and gardening a fascinating hobby. The benefits of gardening are seemingly endless, both mentally and physically. Other outdoor activities are picnics, Treasure hunts, outings to parks and birdwatching.

2.Arts And Crafts

Why not try learning a new craft or continuing with a favorite hobby, most arts and crafts activities can be modified as needed so that seniors with certain physical limitations can still enjoy a favourite pastime. Suitable crafts for senior citizens include Painting
Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Making greeting cards, Woodworking projects such as building birdhouses or making clocks and Flower arranging.


This ancestral discipline aims to harmonize the body and the spirit. It’s based on soft sequential movements and breath techniques which relax muscles. Yoga also tones up the internal organs and softens the body’s joints. Some yoga positions relieve pains, especially those of the back.

4.Nordic walking

According to Iowa university research, walking 15 minutes per day would be enough to extend life by 3 years.
Nordic walking is a traditional sport practised in Scandinavia to walk quickly in snowy fields. Contrary to traditional walking or to hiking, the Nordic walking is practised with sticks in carbon fibre.

5.Tai Chi Chuan

This traditional Chinese practise harmonized with more modern therapeutic exercises over time.
Tai-Chi allows the elderly with health problems such arthritis or heart troubles to maintain a beneficial physical activity. This sport can strengthen the muscle tone, improve balance and flexibility, thanks to fluid and slow movements.
However, it is essential to have coachs especially trained and formed to work with the elderly.

6.Playing Nintendo Wii

Video games, in particular the “Wii therapy”, are recommended. which is sometimes even practised in longterm care establishments, it is possible to work your balance, to maintain your physical shape or to stimulate your memory with it. Other games recommended Wii Sports Resorts, Wii Fit Plus and Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree.

7.Edible Windowsill Garden

Even for those who weren’t into gardening, windowsill gardens are fun elderly activities to do as a family or individually.
Edible window gardens are usually herbs. The easiest to grow are dill, basil, cilantro, lavender (which you can also use to make a lavender pillow), parsley, mint, thyme, oregano, and chives. Use a potting mix rather than soil, which can carry disease. A sunny windowsill is best.

8.Have A Tropical Luau

Any time of year. Very fun during dreary weather. Many elderly folks have either traveled or lived in warm places, including the Polynesian Islands and can share ideas. This one is sure to lift the spirits. You can make it simple or do an extravaganza, even a fund raiser, inviting the public.

9.Visit The Grandkids

Perhaps you can arrange to have a relative or friend visit regularly with their little one. Elderly people love to interact with babies and kids. Kids are a big ball of energy and can keep you on your toes for hours. Play games, tell stories or have them help you in the garden. You’ll never run out of ideas when interacting with the little ones.

10.Kite Flying

Great reason to go outdoors and it’s fun for both men and women; plus, invite kids. Get inexpensive kites at a discount store or even a dollar store. Making and decorating easy kites from a kit are fun elderly activities and can be done in a group too. Kids love to get involved in this one!
You may want to limit the length of the kite string so it’s more manageable. Go outside to an area where there are not too many trees, and take turns flying the kites.

Never Too Old to Have Fun
Regardless of age, everyone loves to have fun, and older seniors are no exception. Having a good laugh and sharing enjoyable activities can be a wonderful way to stay actively engaged in life.


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