About UB Fitness

A Healthy Change

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a healthier & happier place by empowering people through technology.

How UB Fitness Works

Get involved in healthy activities with people near you by downloading the UB Fitness app for iPhone & Android. You can also signup on the web or try our Facebook Messenger chatbot.

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Our Values

An active lifestyle helps you live a longer life & makes you happier.

It is important to share your life & create connections with others.

Trying new things will help you live a better, more fulfilled life.

Our Story

Based in London, UB Fitness started in early 2016 with a simple vision; helping people find new ways to be fit & stay motivated. Founded by Deon Colis & Fazia Ouhla, UB Fitness aims to change how you discover ways to be active.

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