7 Kick-Ass Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

7 Kick-Ass Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain can make even the smallest of tasks unbearable, to live a life free of lower back pain requires consistent and regular diligence.
To help you eliminate lower back pains you need to take off stress from the lower back and hips.

Here are 7 exercised that are simple and can be done at home.

1. Psoas Major Muscle Stretching Exercise

One source of low back pain in those that can’t stand for long periods is the tightening of the Psoas major muscle. When the Psoas major muscle is tight, it can hinder movement in the lower back. This muscle attaches to the front portion of the lower spine. To eliminate the pain (that emanates from the tightening of this muscle) it needs to be stretched by using these steps:

i. Kneel on you right knee.
ii. Rotate your left leg outward, then tighten your gluteal muscles on the right side that you’re stretching.
iii. Lean forward. Do this through the hip joint. With this, you’ll feel a stretch in the front of the hip you’re leaning on.
iv. Repeat on the other knee.
You can hold the stretch for 30 seconds. For effectiveness, this exercise can be performed twice a day.

Psoas major stretch

2. Decompression Breathing

This exercise involves breathing in oxygen and lengthening your body at the same time. You can use this exercise to teach yourself to breathe deeply while keeping your spine long and strong.

i. Stand with your toes pointing out and your heels touching.
ii. Shift your weight into your heels and unlock your knees.
iii. Pull your heels toward each other gently to engage your muscles.
iv. Stand tall and let your arms touch each other over your head while pressing your fingertips together.
v. Breathe in and lift your ribcage away from your hips.
vi. Breathe out and tighten the core to support the spine you have lengthened.
vii. Repeat breathing like this until you feel tall and supported.

Decompression Breathing exercise

3. Two-Knee Twist

This is performed by following these procedures:
i. Lie on your back.
ii. Bend your knees into chest and stretch out your arms at a ‘T’.
iii. Exhale and lower your knees to ground on the right.
iv. Press your shoulders down firmly and hold for up to 2 minutes.

Two-Knee Twist2

4. Hamstring Muscle Stretching Exercise

Tightening of the hamstring muscle makes it almost impossible to sit up straight and this causes low back pain. The muscle runs from the back of the pelvic bone to beneath the back of the knee. The hamstring muscle is responsible for bending and kneeling. It also helps in extending the hip. The muscle thus needs to be stretched in order to prevent them from tightening. The following steps can be taken to achieve this:
i. Lie on your back.
ii. Grasp the leg behind the knee.
iii. Ensure your hip is rotated 90 degrees while your knee is bent.
iv. Make an attempt to straighten your knee with your toes directed towards you.

Just as it was suggested in Psoas Major muscle stretching exercise, hold for 30 seconds and perform it up to two times in a day.

Hamstring stretch

5. Woodpecker

This exercise helps in gaining relief from lower back pain because it strengthens both the butt muscles and the back. It is named after the bird that tips forward while hunting for food.
i. Assume a lunge position.
ii. Press through the front of your heel and stand tall.
iii. Lift the back of your heel off the ground.
iv. Reach the arms out in front of your heart.
v. Shift your butt back as far as you can (do this without moving your knee until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings).
iv. Tighten your core, maintain a neutral spine and reach your arms overhead.
iiv. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Woodpecker stretch

6. Sphinx

This exercise gives room for blood to flow into the lower back. It is performed using these steps:
i. Lie on your stomach and support yourself on your forearms.
ii. Let your elbows be directly under your shoulders.
3. Press through your palms and the tops of your feet. Also press your pubic bone forward.

When done properly, you’ll feel sensations in your lower back area. Just breathe through it and hold for up to 3 minutes.

Sphinx exercise

7. Legs Up The Wall

This exercise helps in relaxing the muscles in the lower back. It also removes fluid from the feet and ankles. Lying on your back position your buttocks as close as possible to a wall with both legs raised against the wall and hold for up to 10 minutes.

You need to do this exercise after a tiring workout.

Leg up the wall

Stay Consistent
These exercise’s will help in strengthening the muscles in your abdomen and spine and the frequent engaging of the core and strengthening of the back muscles are highly effective in ensuring relief from low back pain.

Remember, no one know your body better than you do. We are fitness professional, not doctors, you should seek medical advice if you experience pain on a regular basis.


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