UB Fitness at Why Sports Conference 2016

UB Fitness at Why Sports Conference 2016

UB Fitness is attending the Why Sports Conference 2016 today.

Why Sports Media Group is a social enterprise dedicated to assisting the wide range of organisations challenged with creating an active nation. The Why Sports Media Group believe that effective programmes to encourage participation in physical activity will create stronger communities.

Why UB Fitness is attending

Many of the factors behind inactivity in sport are associated with social exclusion. We have decided to use this platform to show the nation who we are and what are visions are for the future.

We believe that a fitter nation is a healthy nation.

UB Fitness will have the opportunity to partner and participate with other UK governing bodies to help build a fitter and more active nation from all areas of society regardless of gender, age, faith, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, economic position, disability or level of ability.


Our goal is to give people the power to make their world fitter.

Keep In Touch

Be sure to keep updated with the event by following Why Sports on Twitter and their LinkedIn group.

UB Fitness CEO “If you’re attending come and say hi, see you there.” Deon Colis, CEO UB Fitness


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