20 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Fitness Blog

20 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Fitness Blog

When it happens to you (The blog traffic jam) it will have you wondering “what did I do wrong” or “what didn’t l do” but don’t worry it happens to the best of us at some point or another.

One minute you have all the traffic in the world and within 24hrs hours the inevitable happenings. You ask yourself

“how can l fix this? How can l get more traffic to my site?”

To help fitness blogger get more traffic to their sites l came up with a list of 20 simple tips that will help bust through that jam!

20 simple tips for getting more traffic to your fitness blog:

1. Leave engaging comments on other fitness blogs

Just don’t say “great post”, “amazing content” or “if you like this read my post”. Talk about the post and share your thoughts about what you have just read.

2. Try writing shorter posts

Keep your posts short and simple “what your post is about, the problem your audience faces and the solutions to these problems”. Many people do not have time to read a novel.

3. Guest post on someone else’s blog

Guest posting builds relationships with other thought leaders within your industry, guest posting is also great for search engine optimisation and guest posting introduces you to new people.

4. Try a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Bloggers have seen the value of optimising a website’s content for search engine visibility. Blogs are a great way for SEO, instead of paying for traffic through advertising you can get it for free.

5. Hangout in groups and forums where your audience already gathers

When you have determined where your audience handout you can start participating in conversations. Do not link-drop, spam or troll because you will get the boot!

6. Use social media to share your posts

They are billions of people who use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and many others. Share your blogs on theses social platforms, why not it’s free for now and if you share great content it will go viral so fast you wouldn’t need to do much.

7. Add images, photos and illustrations

When readers look at a blog, the first thing they judge is “how the images makes them feel”. If the images make your readers feel, happy, motivated, inspired or it’s funny they are more likely to stay. If the images makes them feel angry, sad or confused they are more likely to move on.

8. Participate in Q+A

Everyday thousands of people ask questions on the web. We recommend using great services like Yahoo! Answers, answers.com, Quora and StackExchange. We recommend not to answer every question but rather high quality questions that have far less response.

9. Give your readers a survey

Web surveys are easy to run, they often produce high engagement and great topic for conversations. Check out a tool like SurveyMonkey or PollDaddy.

10. Be funny

You must have heard the saying “laughter is contagious”. A funny engaging blog will keep your audience coming back but don’t try to hard, remember you don’t have to be hilarious.

11. Pay for traffic to your site. Hey if you have the money why not

Web applications like StumbleUpon can bring visitors to your post with rates starting at $0.10 per visit. If you have published a great post but want instant feedback this is a great way to start.

12. Link to other blogs

When you link to a blog post, the blogger will likely find your blog through their statistic tool like Technorati or Pingback. They might even subscribe to your site and leave a comment.

13. Blog regularly

Blogging regularly is not the challenge but having good content is. Having great content on a regular basis tend to develop an audience quicker.

14. Attend events or host your own

Many people think attending events doesn’t help but in fact other bloggers who attend events are seeking to grow their traffic. They are also far more likely to have discussions about your blogs and ways you both can help each other. This can bring you more guest posts, links, tweets, shares and connections.

15. Write for the audience

Write in the second person, use worlds like “you” not “I”. This will put the audience in the moment and make them feel as if the post is about them.

16. Tell stories

We all enjoy a good story, whether it’s a novel, a movie or simply something a friends is explaining to you. For example if you tell someone how delicious your dinner was last night they are more likely to imagine that but if you tell someone how to make a delicious dinner they will not have the same connection to the story.

17. Write an attractive headline

Your headline is the first and perhaps the only impression you make on a visitor to your blog. Having a title that says “10 way to get a flatter stomach” compared to “10 kick-ass Ways to Get a Flatter Stomach” is more eye catching.

18. Have consistency

You either have consistency in blogging or you don’t. Your readers will get used to what you produce so if you have no consistency they will not drop by as often.

19. Use your email

Make sure you’re sending a lot of email out to others who use the web and have power to help spread your work. Do not ignore email as a channel by focusing on social media. When having a conversation through emails (that is relevant), don’t be afraid to bring up your blog or a topic you’ve written about.

20. Don’t give up

You’ll be surprise how many bloggers go for month with little to no traffic and 12 month later after doing all the above, see massive amount of traffic come flooding towards their site.

Every blogger eventually will see a decline in traffic to their site. This happens to us all, all l can say is to just keep motivated and keep looking for new channels for you to test.

Hope you enjoyed this post, If l have missed any tips or if you have a killer tip for my readers please leave a comment below.


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