18 of the Best Bodybuilding Gyms to Train in London

18 of the Best Bodybuilding Gyms to Train in London

Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one’s musculature. An individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder In competitive amateur and professional bodybuilding. Bodybuilders appear in lineups doing specified poses, and later perform individual posing routines, for a panel of judges who rank competitors based on criteria such as symmetry, muscularity and conditioning.


Check out these clubs below.

1. Muscleworks Gym London

Muscleworks Gym, home to many of the UK’s top bodybuilders was founded by Savvas Kyriacou in 1988 when he was competing as a bodybuilder. Sav set out on a mission to create the ultimate training environment for himself which rapidly became famous for forging some of the most impressive physiques the country has ever seen.

2 Hague St,
E2 6HN

Tel: +4420 7256 0916

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (7am – 10pm), Sat (9am – 7pm)


2. Physical Culture Gymnasium

Physical Culture Gym is located in a pleasant residential area in the centre of Putney, just a few moments away from Putney High Street or any of the train stations (Putney, East Putney or Putney Bridge stations).
No matter what your current fitness level or age we will give you a warm welcome. Our members range from the age of 14 to 70 plus. At just under 3000 sq ft the Gym is equipped with a full line of Eleiko, MedX, Nautilus and other essential equipment (see list here) to perform the perfect tailored work-out.

The Arches,
Studios 21-22 Winthorpe Rd,
SW15 2LW

Contact: gym@physicalculture.co.uk

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (7am – 10pm), Sat – Sun (9am – 7pm)


3. Skyline Gym

Skyline is south east London’s only hardcore gymnasium. Skyline is a gym that is dedicated to one thing and one thing only, Muscle! We don’t offer you TV viewing, Snack bars or any of those other silly unrelated gym stuff, but we offer you the chance to develop your mind and body into a finely built athlete.

96 Rushey Green,

Tel: +442083 141 167

Opening Times: Open 24 hours


4. Genesis Gym

London’s professional hardcore gymnasium for everyone from first timers to professional athletes.
Genesis Gym is the home of Bulldog Powerlifting, building champions since 1961 in London. Genesis Gym is a top hardcore London gym for powerlifters, bodybuilders, athletes and those who want to get back in shape and improve their fitness. Genesis Gym is designed for results, where everyone gets better and stronger.

333 Athlon Rd,

Tel: +4420 8566 8687

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (6am – 00:00am), Sat – Sun (9am – 6pm)


5. Bodyworks Gym

Bodyworks Gym has been helping you get fit since 1985, our male only gym with over 16,000 square feet of equipped space has been making men like yourself reach their fitness objectives with ease. Whether you’re looking to run a marathon, get your body ready for your summer lad’s holiday or to bulk up and be as strong as a bear, Bodyworks Gym is the place for you.

Unit 5 Fountayne Rd,
N15 4QJ

Tel: +4420 8808 6580

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (6am – 00:00am), Sat – Sun (9am – 7pm)


6. Muscle Hut GYM

Reach your goals – At Muscle Hut we aim to give you the best support possible for you to reach your goals, with our training knowledge and modern day state of the art equipment which includes, Hammer Strength, Life Fitness weights and cardio machines to go along with Hammer strength benches, Olympic bars, Jordan Barbells and heavy duty dumbbells. We provide you with a well rounded, world class training area, where you can work without worry to reach your goals.

493 High Rd Leytonstone,
E11 4PG

Tel: +4420 8558 0002

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (6am – 10:00pm), Sat – Sun (8am – 6pm)


7. Raw Fitness London

We know how important food is, especially clean and healthy food. That’s why we have built our healthy kitchen, where you can have nice meals after your workout without feeling guilty. Our kitchen is based on healthy grilled food with fresh ingredients, halal meat and all the best for anybody who wants to stay fit. We offer a wide range of meals from the typical diet food, chicken fillets, rice and broccoli combinations to delicious wraps, fitness salads and protein pancakes.

584 C Lea Bridge Rd,
E10 7DN

Tel: +4420 8539 1699

Opening Times: Mon – Sat (6am – 00:00am), Sun (8am – 8pm)


8. Yorkys Gym

Yorkys Gym is run by people who will go that extra mile for their members. Here you will find all the latest Cardio and Strength equipment, along with a fully kitted Boxing Club and Studio offering a range of dynamic group excercise classes.
Whether you are looking to compete, address weight loss or simply improve your overall level of fitness; our mission is to help each and every person achieve his/her desired goal. We believe that anyone can utilise their inner strength to accomplish anything they want out of life.

88 Charlmont Road,
Tooting Broadway,
SW17 9AB

Tel: +4420 8127 1900

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (7am – 10:00pm), Sat – Sun (9am – 4pm)


9. Legends Gym

At Legends Gym we offer everyone, no matter what their size, shape or ability level the opportunity to improve their level of fitness and have fun at an affordable price!

6-9 Salisbury promenade green lanes,
N8 0RX

Tel: +4420 8800 7599

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (8am – 10:00pm), Sat – Sun (10am – 5pm)


10. Squats Gym

Squats Gym was established as a hardcore bodybuilding, powerlifting gym in the late 1980s. However these days its not just bodybuilders that want to use free weights. So squats has evolved into a great weights gym for all, with the best atmosphere of any gym around. We are an Old School Free Weights Gym with the latest Hammer Strength equipment and our Weights and Bars are all Olympic quality.

117 Mitcham Ln,
SW16 6LY

Tel: +4420 8677 8991

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (6am – 9:30pm), Sat (9am – 6pm), Sun (9am – 3pm)


11. Titanium Gym

Welcome to Titanium Gym, Redbridge’s premier unisex bodybuilding & Fitness gym. Begin the commitment to a health lifestyle with the right nutritional and training environment in a gym that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Our facilities are designed to cater for everybody from beginners to hardcore competing athletes.

10 Raven Rd,
E18 1HB

Tel: +4420 8504 7879

Opening Times: Mon – Thurs (7:30am – 11pm), Fri (7:30am – 10pm), Sat (8am – 6pm)


12. Pumping Iron Gym

Instructors at hand for help & advice plus personal training & eating plans.
Dr Zak a qualified NABBA Instructor/Trainer & holder of many body building titles, such as Mr Cyprus & Mr London, Mr Britain, Jay Cutler Classic champion, available to assist and advise whether you want to build or slim down or maintain a high level of fitness.
Also high quality products for pre-worked out and post work out with leading brands like Dr Zak’s products, Dorian Yates and Multipower.

31 Oakleigh Rd S,
N11 1LD

Tel: +4420 8368 5367

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (9:00am – 9:30pm), Sat (9am – 4pm)


13. Personal Training 4u

Rolandas’PT4U – Personal Training 4U in London – the real deal London personal trainer Rolandas (hard work for great results).
Rolandas’PT4U locations in London: private personal training studio in East London E1 and personal training gym in West London W8. Home, office or park personal training can be arranged for other London locations.

Fordham St,
E1 1HS

Tel: +447742 193 913


14. Monster Gym

We are an independent family run gym based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire and have been established since 2005. Our idea to create the style of gym we have was borne from years of working within various leisure industries and an amalgamation of observations drawn from this. The invention of Monster Gym was formed with the purpose to provide members with the best equipment and apparatus all under one roof to achieve their desired goals.

Delamare Rd,
Waltham Cross

Tel: +441992 637 999

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (6:00am – 10:00pm), Sat – Sun (8am – 4pm)


15. The Works Gym Ltd

The Works Gym is a small independent gym located in East London who’s goal is to motivate and educate their members in achieving their fitness goals.

Unit 14 Barnet Business Centre,
Alston Road,

Tel: +4420 8440 4640

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (9am – 10pm), Sat – Sun (9am – 5pm)


16. Physique Warehouse Gym

You may have heard of us via word of mouth. If you haven’t, we’re very proud to say that we were voted UK’s Best Strength Training Gym last year by a panel of fitness expert at the National Fitness Awards. We also feature on Time Out’s list of favourite gyms in the Greater London area. Most recently we were also named Men’s Health magazine’s Gym of The Week.

112 Down St,
West Molesey,
Surrey KT8 2TU

Tel: +4420 8979 2245

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (6am – 10pm), Sat – Sun (9am – 6pm)


17. Big Bals Gym

Leegate Shopping Centre, London, SE12 8SS
NO CONTRACT! Pay as you go. £35/mo, £15/week, £5/day

SE12 8SS

Tel: +4420 8318 4181

Opening Times: Mon – Fri (6am – 9pm), Sat – Sun (10am – 4pm)


18. Metro Flex Gym London

Bodybuilding makes not only a fit body, but also fit mind. The word bodybuilding says everything. It is so easy to understand the meaning of this word and what this sport is about. Bodybuilding is the best sport when it comes to making your body proportionally shaped and fit. Visit the Metro Flex Gym London and understand the meaning of the word Bodybuilding.

Unit 6,
Broomsleigh Business Park,
Worsley Bridge Rd,
SE26 5BN

Tel: +4420 8697 7788


If you’re a member at a Bodybuilding Gym that’s not listed above, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to our next list.


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